We love milestones.

They represent joy, celebration and little pieces of past glories that we carry forward to the future.

That’s why perhaps they stand for hope . And certainty.

Birthdays , Anniversaries , First Job , The day we joined our place of work. The day our kids are born so on and so forth.
When you mark a milestone , you celebrate today something that happened at a predefined time ago – that you are sure ( or you rather hope ) will happen at a predefined time in future.
And when you hardly know what tomorrows gonna be like – that’s like a big thing to look forward to and hence celebrate.

But as we grow older , and a bit wiser – some of these ‘happy recaps’ become vaguely forgettable . So the day you met your husband – might be etched in your brain like a 3D image – but you might not consider it as important as say your baby’s ‘weekly birthday’.

Simply put – your priorities change . And Valentines day is now not as important as say your anniversary which isn’t as significant as your child’s Birthday.

But that’s quite sad . Coz one lesser milestone – means one lesser reason to celebrate. And who needs lesser reasons to be happy honestly speaking.

February most definitely is favorite month . There’s the mushy Vday , The day I joined my current employer who welcomed me back like a forgiving parent and ofcourse my Birthday. But I found myself being excited about the day when my baby turned 3 months old! I mean that’s hardly an event. Or is it?

Milestones are good. They are important . But what I discovered is – we keep yearning to find newer ones. At the cost of neglecting those many old ones that stood by us , giving us a bit of hope and a bit of faith in the goodness of life when we needed some.

Is that really fair? To those special days that lost their sheen like old pennies . Or to us , who now have one lesser day to mark on our calendars.

Not really.

Coz happiness like misery needs company. And Milestones are the trusted friends that age like wine how many ever new friends may keep coming along . These old ones hold mirrors into the past ‘us’ that we should definitely keeping taking a look at before we change completely.

So here’s to more celebrations. Old & New. May I identify more reasons to celebrate and remember the old ones to make a note of too.

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