Deep deep inside .. We all are hoaders .

Clothes that don’t fit . Shoes that we don’t wear anymore . Junk from our last workplace . Emails / SMS that date ages back .

Grudges that we hold long after we forget the reasons causing the unpleasantness .

Perceptions that we formed that nothing can change anymore.

we hold on to the things , images , visions , feelings from the past as a part of who we were .

But as we grow older , wiser , better errr or lets just say different from who we were . We need to sometime let go of those ‘things’ what made us what we were back then , so that we can make some space for the ‘things’ that we have today that make us what we are now.

So sometimes , we need to stop clinging on those redundant things hoarding up the precious space in our homes & in our hearts to breathe a little easier and feel a little lighter.

So Today .. Maybe I ll clean my wardrobe . Make that call to clear some air . Pack some old stuff in a bag and put it away forever . Wipe my mind clean of some old junk .

Today I ll come out of my little corner of solitary confinement and join the world feeling lighter . afterall , isnt de-cluttering the best therapy?

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Out with it !!
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