A roller coaster ride!

Being a new mom I was told was a roller coaster ride. There are moments of mind numbing guilt , heart wrenching in securities , millions of uncertainties and obviously a lot going on outside and inside your head.
So its not often that one kind of wonders that apart from the occasional ‘up’ mostly you are dealing with ‘down , down , down’.

The joy of watching your little one cross one big milestone after the another – expressing his feelings , discovering the world around him , learning new skills & growing up to be one with the world are definitely there.
But in between these little moments are questions that loom large . And then there is a huge multiplier – if you are a working mom .

So you ll need to be prepared to miss out on a lot of the ‘happy moments’ since you can’t constantly be there at his side.

You need to lose your sense of control over all those notions/opinions about your baby’s upbringing since your instincts/ borrowed wisdom on what’s right / proper will have to fight a constant battle with someone’s experience that you can never match up.

For a long long time ( read that forever) you’ll wonder if you are doing justice to even one aspect of your life – work or home – coz you’ll be constantly hanging in the middle of nowhere.

You’ll need to stay calm. It’ll be perhaps the most difficult thing to do considering the world will be falling apart around you on a daily basis.

But at the end of the day – you’ll have to keep your head high and take pride in giving your best shot to the toughest job in the world.

Take a moment when the going gets tough. Gather your wits. Give yourself a pat on the back for the strength & sacrifice.

And then the ride starts again.

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