Mommy-tales : Why so serious?

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The need to be a good parent is a disorder. Some women just let their kids be , assuming the child knows what’s best for him/her. Others obsess about what to do , how to do, when to do and why to do – in spite of whether the kid likes it or not . And they do that seriously , round the clock. Over thinking and maybe ( honest confession ) over doing it !

Am sure there’s no rule book to good parenting. And raising up a healthy , active child is what every mother aims to do. But some maniacs like me also want to raise a well behaved , non-fussy child. Now , THAT’s the challenge. I mean both the intention and the expectation of a conducive result.

And when one’s following this pursuit relentlessly , there are chances that one may run out of steam ( or motivation or conviction – coz mostly its a one person army fighting this battle). Just about then its easier to define what your baby should NOT do , and maybe there in lies the secret of good parenting.

So if you don’t want your 1 year old to dance on ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ – screen the media he’s exposed to .
If you don’t want him to watch doremon at 1 : 30 in the night or 8 : 00 in the morning – don’t let him watch TV at all till he’s a certain age. And then too , restrict the content and screen time he’s exposed to.
See , it works like a magical cause & effect template – that’s as commonsensical as it can get .

Good habits are not built overnight . It takes a lot of example setting , context setting and constant corrective steps ( with acknowledgment of course ).

So its wrong to expect your child to have veggies and fruits when he sees you living on junk food day in day out. And obviously using ice-creams , chocolates as a bait to get something done automatically elevates its value in the kids eyes.

So don’t be surprised ( that is if you care about it at all ) if your toddler survives on chips , cookies , chocolates , soft drinks and ice creams By the time he’s 2. We don’t need research to show how bad they are for us adults. For kids eating junk food as staple diet – that’s a carnal parenting sin as far as I am concerned.

I have a long way to go before my little baby becomes a little person with his own opinions on what to wear and what to eat . But I want to add value to his life ( which I guess is my biggest job as a mother ) I need to start from now . I would rather be the mom my kid wants to trade with someone else than be the one whose okay with his thumb-sucking/tantrum throwing/ food wasting/junk food eating / tv watching and lack of discipline.

That’s the choice am making . For the both of us. and no kidding about that.

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