I’ve been reading a lot lately.
Obviously that’s a side effect of not writing enough.
That and overthinking.
So yes. I’ve been reading a lot (online) lately.
Specifically about finding my niche as a blogger.

My Niche

Now considering I’ve conveniently tagged myself as a lazy( very lazy) blogger. One can’t blame the writer’s block forever . One needs to be truthful to one’s own self atleast.

So I don’t bother what I write about , too much , coz I am quite glad when I finally end up being inspired enough to write at all.

And I’ve always planned my blog to be a ‘personal blog’. Its safe. And one doesn’t need to plan about researching backgrounds on subjects. I rely on impromptu thoughts and day to day experiences – the significant ones to write about.

So it could be a gorgeous piece of poetry . A fascinating movie . A tell-worthy tale . And its a good day when I can see someplace interesting and write a travelogue.

I used to thrive on conversations & coffee. And their combination. But things change . People change.

Blogs change. They evolve. Just like us , they may be juvenile and directionless in the beginning . They need to grow up eventually.

Sadly – mine is still lost in its own wonderland. Not too sure of which direction it should take.

Now that – like for most of us – can be ( and is ) coz of two reasons. Apprehension & uncertainty.

We arent too sure – if the direction is the ‘right one to take’ – will take us to the right place.
Is also the ‘better one than any other option that we have’ .

Blog-wise speaking – Am I really good at / will enjoy writing exclusively to commit myself to that ONE all consuming genre I pick . A Niche. Also secondly , I am not too sure if whatever I commit myself to , is sustainable , Interesting, has multiple dimensions to explore & at the same time – practical to stick to.

But like we all , need to ask ourselves at almost every critical juncture in life. A coming of age question. What do we really stand for? What’s my Niche.

Time for yet another Project!!

Over the next few days. I would be writing about Ideas that I feel are interesting enough to be sustainable!
Clearly ‘Personal’ no longer would be the camouflage

1. Travel
2. Communications
3. People
4. Parenting
5. Poetry

It doesnt need no rocket science to figure out what one’s good at.. it just needs a lot of will!

What’s your Niche?
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