For a change after a long time , I actually have a lot to write.

Only that am not able to compose this gorgeous piece of prose with pictures and fancy tag lines , just about right now.

But its the 1st of January of a brand New Year. And this time am sticking to my resolutions.

So in my long list that I’ve been more or less carrying fwd from one year to another for quite a while now – there is this idea in my head.

Project 365.

An entire post on where that idea came about from , will come soon.

But this one’s about a whole other thing- My New Year Resolution- so let’s just stick to that line of thought.

So Yes. Project365 is quite simply put – one post per day. NO matter what. For the entire 2014.

Now that is essentially taking commitment to the next level. Coz not only it means , I take out time everyday for something I supposedly ( or claim to ) LOVE more than most other things in life , Writing.

It also means – I read , research & contemplate about interesting things to write about. So see , its so much more than just motivation. Or inspiration. Its a full – time job. If done , seriously & wholeheartedly.

Which is the plan.

So , over the next one year – 365 days counting today, I’d be sticking to my New Year Resolution through Project365.

Now , I am not gonna cheat my way into this one and end this post here . Considering my Project is making its debut today- it better be Grand!

So during my Project Twitter , I did a bit of reading on New Year Celebrations & am going to flaunt my newly acquired knowledge now.

What is Project- Twitter ? Why are we talking about so many Projects? Questions like these are being parked aside for the time being, coz we have a long year ahead & there will be rainy days where in quick-fix stuff would need to be pulled out of a hat to save the day.

Back to New Year. And no , I am not going to talk about my new year resolutions in painful details! What we talk next , is about THE concept of New Year & Resolutions as such !

So that just in case you are wondering New Year Celebration isn’t a ‘Modern’ phenomenon. It dates back to some 4000 yrs. to the Babylonian era around 2000BC . Only that they quite logically followed the custom of celebrating a New Year with the change of seasons & the solar cycle In March.

The Romans thereafter shuffled things a bit & moved the New Year Date to Jan 1. Now they believed in Janus- the God with two faces who quite interestingly signified two years – the one gone by & the one that is coming up.

Now contrary to Babylonians who were predominantly agriculture oriented , Romans weren’t, so the choice of moving the New year to Jan 1 had little seasonal significance other than the fact that the new council came into action on this date .

Many centuries later , the christian church accepted the same date as the new year date as well . Now I say ‘accept’ here coz , another surprising trivia – christian church for a long time didn’t encourage New year celebrations coz it was considered a pagan practice.

Eventually to encourage more and more people to move from pagan practices to Christianity the call was taken. But only as the celebration to be as the Feast of Christ’s circumcision.

And that’s how the New Year as we know it – with the midnight mass , fireworks & grand feasting came about. Not something modern, but quite ancient.

And that brings us to New Year Resolutions. Which as a concept are as old as the New Year celebration as well.

The Babylonians followed them, So did Romans & so do we now. We think about things we wish to change / correct/better & we promise to do so at the start of a new year. Only that , back in ancient times they weren’t as trivial as losing those 5kgs that you’ve been trying to for 20yrs now!

They were morally driven. So the Babylonians promised to return Farm equipments , The Romans resolved to forgive their enemies & the Christians tried to be better people ( Refer an ancient NY postcard )

Infact to all those people who look down upon us – the NY resolution enthusiasts shrugging us off saying Resolutions are meant to be broken! There is actually a man who converted it into an art form.

Who was this man? What was it that he did that was historic ?

That and a lot more on New Year Customs , Trivia , Popular Resolutions — in my next post tomm!

Not bad for a first day right 🙂

Happy New Year with Project365
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