The topic should not be confused with ‘How to look smashing hot everyday’.
We are definitely not talking about a look-book here. But actually the oldest trick in the book when it comes to – Men Vs Women. Or actually , Girls Vs Boys.

Everyday Sexism. A term that I came across recently for a phenomenon that’s perhaps as old as patriarchy. How while on one side today we talk about Diversity , Inclusivity & women-power , it all boils down to how ‘we are actually perceived’ by the other side of the table.

Its not about being called the fairer sex, or the weaker sex too. Its actually not about being told we can’t do so-and-so coz ‘that’s not what good girls are supposed to do’.
Its not about judging women on behavior , appearances , attitude or professional /personal choices. Everyday Sexism is far more potent. Coz its far too subtle.

So , when in the next meeting in boardroom , every sentence spoken with respect to an ideal team player is ‘how he should behave’. How you struggle to find a loo /public convenience at a Petrol pump/Office ( that’s not locked like it holds some kind of treasure), when someone’s first reaction to the news – ‘ Blessed with a baby ‘ is Girl or Boy ? , you have experienced “Everday Sexism”.

A phenomenon when the differentiation between the two genders comes across as far more ingrained in our day to day thought-processes , behaviors & reactions than it probably meets the eye.

So am not looking questioningly at those who cat-call or whistle at women on the streets ( definitely not talking about the one’s who treat us like an incapable section of society existing only to serve the other half) . I am talking about all those very educated people for whom women naturally are at the butt of all jokes with racial undertones. For those who conclude before hiring a woman candidate that she’ll be an under-performer , or a woman-boss would be the she-devil in disguise.

These people surround us everyday , crack jokes on how we can’t do basic stuff like Math right , aren’t the greatest managers at work, are the worst drivers on roads , are the worst time keepers and are terrible at managing finances.

Am not going to dignify any of those assumptions with an explanation. Will only just laugh it off & close the day with this conversation I had recently with someone as per whom 2014 should be all about ‘The Girls Get Dumber’ Jokes.

Well dude , guess what – The Jokes on you.

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EveryDay Sexism

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