If there is one year in my life that defined – Gain, Loss , Joy , Sorrow , Happiness , Suffering , Discovering angels , fighting demons. And perhaps much more than oxymoron-like- descriptors can define . Then it was 2013.

An year when tough calls had to be taken that changed the course of my career. Tougher calls were taken that changed life on a personal front. Yet , 2013 like any other left me richer with a lot of unexpected treasures & twists.

There was watching ‘Lunch Box’ – a gorgeous tale of love , longing & dreams for a better tomorrow . One of the best movies I’ve seen in ages. Also basically , one of the very few movies ( in all 6 at my last count ) I’ve seen since my baby came into my life.

I am sure like every mother whose trying to give her best to everything she does – I found myself relating to the leading lady’s character . That perhaps was the beauty of the narrative. It just pulled you in , in its tiny little world . Without so much of a drama. Just a simple story , told in the simplest of manner. Tougher done than said any day.

Another gem was Catching Fire. A Love story set in the most difficult circumstances. Which is why perhaps you wonder – if they can beat all odds with death & suffering looming over their head , we certainly can in a life that’s definitely much less dramatic.

So those were Movies .

Another Top Moment for me on personal front was discovering ( or rediscovering ) Twitter.
So much so that the title of the post is a tag coz of two reasons. A tribute to my rediscovery. And also a memorabilia of my Twitter-Project.
Now like the other day I was jokingly reasoning it out with someone on give a marketing person a task , and they take it up like a project with long – term & short – term goals & objectives. And then want to beat everyone in a fictitious battle on who’s doing a better job — all conjured up inside one’s head. Now all that , with a slight change is how I’d define another interesting experience this year. The one I call Project-Twitter . The change being that it was a self-created task & not really assigned.

When I discovered Twitter & its potential to hold multiple conversations across various topics on one hand , and give you enough anonymity and space to have a soliloquy anytime , anywhere . Its a dear diary + agony aunt , all rolled into one. A pandora’s box – you put your hand inside it and be surprised with what comes out like a magician’s hat.

That’s twitter to me. A zillion possibilities. And one of them was curating a group of some 9K delhi individuals . The much needed spurt of inspiration – about reading , researching , writing & discussing . Things that are as trivial as #WhatTheBlahSongs to as curious as #11YearsOfDelhiMetro. As vivid as #Ghalib ( and his birth anniversary) to as apt as #TopMomentsof2013. One week of creating an agenda for the year to come . The prelude to my Project 365.

Travel has been too less and far in between. But a trip to Panchmarhi – the land of history & adventures , that has been in my list for way too long now , was surely a shining moment.

There are definitely many but having a TopMoment list finds its true meaning when there are few that stand out & not many that fill up your mind.

So long till I move on to elaborate of a long growing list of things to write about . A post of Resolutions – History, Ghalib , Etiquettes for Children are coming up next. Project 365 is beginning to sound like an actual possibility than just a fancy fad to me.

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