There’s something really odd about Farewells.
Especially the one’s that are your own.

Inspite of all the kind words people say about you , there’s that one thought that upsets you somewhere.
Do they value you enough? Did you really give it your best? Did that one professional relationship that turned sour did hold much better potential? And what’s in store? Is it better .. Or are you just escaping ?

So after the kind words die down. The questions remain.

But that’s change. However , good it may turn out to be , leaves you with some questions.

Its perhaps then one finds strength in these words. Lifes turning out exactly how you wanted. Don’t think too much .. Just live it up.

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Of Farewell speeches & new beginnings

3 thoughts on “Of Farewell speeches & new beginnings

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  • January 7, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    Very nicely written. Loved reading the lines. Thank u for sharing…


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