Unhappy us..



Better Cars , More clothes , Fatter pay checks. More Fun. More Friends , More , Better , Bigger . Faster. Quicker.

Are we turning out to be a breed of really unhappy people that constantly crib ? Somehow where ever we are and whatever we have isn’t just good enough? Constantly running behind something or the other , not stopping for a bit for the proverbial ‘stand & stare’’?

We switch jobs , changes roles , choose careers for money. For designations. And even if we do that purely for the kick of ‘something new’ – it doesn’t last too long. Soon enough we are bored and full of remorse. “Oh the distance is too much” ,“The location is so non happening” ,“The office culture isn’t that good” or just the plain old – it’s too boring .  We always have reasons and explanations for not liking whatever we have & where ever we are. We have excuses that explain why we’d rather be anywhere else than here.

We always wish we were someplace else than here.

Right? No .. well here’s food for thought .

Don’t we look at our phones when we are at the movies & dream about the weekends when we are in the middle of a meeting. We talk shop when we meet people at social gatherings & gossip about people’s social lives endlessly near coffee vending machines.

It’s amazing how much happier we were when we stayed in those 2 bedroom houses & got that extra TV hour when parents went off for social evenings. Nothing could replace the joy of getting to watch MTV – munching on mommy-made ‘junk food’ . Today , going out for a 7 course meal or having scores of channels to watch and a closetful to wear isnt close to what we desire.

We detest routines – when all through the time when we were the most disciplined was when we stuck to a curriculum – to eat , study , sleep !

But isn’t it true that back then we wanted to grow up so fast we couldn’t wait to get rid of those exams and get those degrees under our belt. Obviously back then – life right now was what we desired.

Its always the same story right? The constant battle between the fast forward or the erase and rewind.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if we could just pause. And GO PLAY in the minute that we are in . Right now?

Do you feel we are turning into an Unhappy bunch? Share yout story by dropping in a comment!

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  1. The article is really interesting and the fact mentioned is actually true. We do enjoy if our parents are not at home. thank u for sharing your experience.

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