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Its My Choice. An open letter to a judgmental stay at home mom.

Dear SAHM,

Just like Ms Padukone insists. It’s our choice to be your side of the table or all over the place ( as a working mom) like me. It’s her stoic message to the universe in general that’s inspired this momentary madness . And am finally choosing to really speak my mind to you.

I am a working mom. And trust me most days I end up either kick starting or winding up a mad crazy day thinking if I should just transit to the other side.

I love my little kid. Contrary to what you believe I am not the selfish bitch who’s so busy climbing the corporate ladder that she completely ignores her duties towards the little soul she’s brought to life going through exactly the same process that you did – the anxiety , the panic attacks , the mental trauma and the physical scars included. I am just struggling to keep the two dimensions to my being alive by being a super human being. And that comes at a huge cost.

You think it must be a piece of cake making those fancy presentations ,going on those work trips and having really a semblance of a life beyond the four corners of the house that you’ve dedicated your life to.

Well newsflash. It’s not.

And if you are waiting for an explanation , the horrific details , the juicy gossip that will make your day – Then nope that’s not coming either.

Coz good, bad or ugly. It’s my choice to be this way. All over the place. Stretched to the limit. Finding oneself at two places at one time. Guilt ridden of not doing a decent job at either of them, all the time. But that’s how it is.

I don’t work like its my job and I am getting paid. I work coz I like using the energy I have towards something worthwhile .

I don’t have a kid coz that was expected out of me and its my job to feed, clean , wash and do whatever zillion things we do for those tiny people round the clock . I had a kid coz I knew like most things in life I would be fantastic at being a mom too.

Ditto for you. You had to quit work for a reason that you best know and I at best can respect. Period.

We respect each other‘s choices. Be judgmental about them in our living rooms or bed rooms or in our minds. But you don’t get to be all critical in my face and then not expect ditto and more back.

There’s much much more that I’d like to say but then I think the point is made.

Yours unapologetically,

Working – super- mom

2 thoughts on “Its My Choice. An open letter to a judgmental stay at home mom.

  1. You go girl! Am so glad I decided to stop by your blog after almost four years.
    Congrats on motherhood.
    People need to understand that a working mother and a SAHM are both mothers, period.
    Nothing else matters

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