Byomkesh Bakshy !


It starts with a mystical voice singing a lyrical masterpiece but you get distracted with the sights of Kolkata from yesterera  unfolding from one frame to another. That’s Jaanam for you .The song I’d be happy to sit in a movie hall and watch on loop for 90 mins .

And that’s how Byomkesh Bakshi has me at the titles.

Carefully sketched out characters tumble in and out. Fascinating faces , interesting back stories , fine acting and bang on casting. You’ll forgive them for an occasional over the top scene or two coz surely that comes from knowing they are too good at their craft.

I didn’t pay much attention to the story coz that’s really secondary in a movie that’s cinematically first rate. Hats off to the attention to detail and imagination of Dibankar Banerjee who’s love for Kolkata and Quentin Tarantino movies is quite apparent.

There are many scenes that leave you spell bound coz of their sheer wit , magnificence or simplicity.

” Sach ke paas  wala jhooth pakadna mushkil hota hai”.

“Khoon saaf karna rehne de sirf  chai  banade”

” In babu ka nut loose lagta hai”

The smoke – filled coffee houses , the narrow lanes , the retro trams and the idea of re creating a character we’ve all loved as kids. Byomkesh Bakshy is quite a classic but only for those who really value someone’s  passion and intent to create something truly unique.

Watch it . Its way better than the 100 crore league movies one fondly calls , masala films.

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