Almost half of 2015 has flown off and before we ll know it it would be 2016 and we ll be writing all those posts about 20 things we wish we did this year and drawing a list of things that’s gonna make next year any different or special.
The fact of the matter is. Each year is as good or as bad as the moments its made up of .  And most often than not its the good ones that get away unnoticed and unappreciated when ones looking at life in retrospect. Hence a Top Moments list halfway won’t hurt anyone right? It just becomes a good foundation to build up on for the rest of the year ..and am speaking with a lot of hope and optimism that one does get to add to the list in the coming months.

So here goes !

1. Vibrant Gujarat.
Attending something so world class and mounted at that level or scale .. Quite legendary. The exhibition , the larger than life pavilions , and listening to the who’s who from the industry and especially that gentleman who invited us all to visit his country Bhutan bragging about its gross happiness index and all . hmm talk about doing the new.

2. Mixing business with pleasure at the luxurious ITC Grand Bharat. It promised unhurried luxury and that’s what we experienced . Lavish suites , personal pools , food to die for , swanky golf course and overwhelming hospitality. A gallery full of pics and almost 2 days of pampering later I knew why we work. Work trips make it all worthwhile.

Like most good things in life ..  This post is WIP.

#TopMoments2015 -The WIP Version

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