Half of the 2015 has flown off and before we’ll know, 2016 would be staring at our face expecting us to write all those posts about 20 things we wish we did this year, essentially in the hope that next year is going to be any different or special.

The fact of the matter is. Each year is as good or as bad as the moments it’s made up of . And most often than not it’s the good ones that get away unnoticed and unappreciated when ones looking at life in retrospect.
Hence a Top Moments list halfway won’t hurt anyone right? It just becomes a good foundation to build up on for the rest of the year…and am speaking with a lot of hope and optimism that one does get to add to the list in the coming months.

So here goes!

1.Being @ The Vibrant Gujarat.

Attending something so world class and mounted at that level or scale.. Quite legendary. The exhibition , the larger than life pavilions , and listening to the who’s who from the industry and especially that gentleman who invited us all to visit his country Bhutan bragging about its gross happiness index and all . Hmm talk about doing the new.

2.Mixing business with pleasure at the luxurious ITC Grand Bharat.

It promised unhurried luxury and that’s what we experienced. Lavish suites, personal pools , food to die for , swanky golf course and overwhelming hospitality. A gallery full of pics and almost 2 days of pampering later I knew why we work. Work trips.

3. Discovering the Women only floor EVA at ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai.
Another work trip , another ITC inspired experience , another first ( my first ever impulsive purchase at the Airport – wish there are many more !!) , the excitement of seeing something you’ve worked getting completed successfully that never gets old. Over all – a super happening 24hrs packed to the fullest.

4.Giving loyalty a try !
Ever since I was this enthusiastic intern – flying via Jet was the penultimate aspiration. We associated it with arriving in life. Things have changed. Airline travel is more accessible now and isn’t really a luxury. Infact over the past few years Indigo is what I’ve preferred. But there was something exciting about enrolling in the Jet privilege club and I am now hoping of collecting as many miles as possible – maybe enough to go around the world a couple of time [inspite of the horrible food that they serve. sigh!] but Yay! I have a JP Card with my name on it. Also an ITC card .. so time to get a Credit card too right?

5.My baby goes to school
Literally saving the best one for last. My little one is now a big boy and I can’t believe that he’s growing up so fast. Karate class , learning to ride the big boy bike, visiting museums & planetarium , his first movie , swimming like a pro and ofcourse school , summer camp and his very first school holiday. Looking at everything through his excited , curious eyes makes the world a better place.

More top moments include – taking the Air Vistara , experiencing the gorgeous international airport , Mumbai in all its artsy glory and my very first speaking forum at Gandhinagar. And not to forget the #Travel2015 list continues to grow with staples like Mumbai , Ahmedabad and New entries like Hyderbabad , Kolkata , Lukhnow and soon Jaipur?

The year so far has been full of ups and downs . Quite a few discoveries and re-inventions. Trying to quit some old habits and picking up some new ones.

If the first 6 months are any thing to go by .. many more TopMoments are waiting to happen and hopefully quote a few passionate , enthused blog posts too?


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