The Long And Short Of It

Post a decade long work experience you end up with a delusion that whatever long term ( and short term)  career goals you had when you started off .. You are more or less on track with them.

Unless ofcourse you aren’t in the race ( by destiny or design) .

It came as a surprise , thus, when a job change prospecting form , yet again asked me to put on my creative thinking hat and answer a question that we so enthusiastically had ready and rehearsed replies to , way back at B school.

“What are your long term career goals”

Thankfully one can come up with some sensible , well thought of replies when such blatant curiosity glares at you from a piece of paper . In person , some one like me would just get carried away with all the false glory one lives in the aura of. “I am exactly where I’d see myself 10 years back”. I would’ve taunted back.

Now with the piece of paper in front of me and the luxury of less spontaneity by my side . I deliberated a bit and even though my reply was a tad bit cheesy to the less informed .

It was a 100% true.

I’ve reached a stage when I know I am in a career and not just a job. There are bad days but on most days – am doing something that’s adding value in a small way to someone . Not for a single day I went to work ONLY cos I get paid for it , infact on the contrary , I am working as hard as I do inspite of what I get paid 🙂
There have been mistakes. Career sins, Of gigantic proportions . They have changed my track , slowed me down , put in an extra hurdle or two in what already seems like an obstacle race.

But I have survived and quite so.

And no I didn’t write that righteous  essay of the chronicles of me. All that went in the thinking process .  I wrote , I see myself learning new things , investing into myself and doing what I enjoy doing every single day.

Tad cheesy But honestly , where do I see myself 10 years from now?

Baking cookies ? Playing Super mom ? Brunching with friends as a way of life? Writing a book ?

Maybe all of the above but yes , also, working – coz If I have a part of my life that’s really fulfilling then my work definitely completes the picture.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Drop in a line in the comments and It ll be fun to revisit to see how things change or stay the same some years down the line , isnt it?

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