Mind it, We Mind

So , finally the whole Amir Khan episode is dying its own death. And thanks to the huge public outcry Ms Rao and Mr Khan shall continue to be residents of our country. Phew!

While some of us find the entire episode ridiculous , there were quite a few who were whole heartedly invested into the various developments taking shape in what seemed like another case of a prominent media personality voicing common man woes & failing miserably at it.

While I am still trying to get over the sarcasm, the intense reactions , over analysis and even a suicidethe country remains devided over a slightly misguided remark.

The fact remains. This episode like many recent ones, has taken the intolerance debate to another level.

Now, as someone who’s never been at the receiving end of all the hate is fairly unequipped to take sides. But I do believe, while a section of the country almost every day wakes up to fight their battles with basics, there’s a tribe that thrives on battling it out with one another.

That section is (and we are a part of it on some days if not all) , ironically, the exceedingly anti-social , Social brigade. The entire purpose of their being is to look for a reason to throw a fit. The twitter-taliban won’t let anyone have an opinion, take a stand, express themselves. The extreme journalism plays on headlines that grab eye balls, blatantly ignoring facts over cooked up stories meant to go viral however banal they may be.

Freedom of Expression is becoming the area of jurisdiction of a select few and an entire blog post is needed for that. But this is not one of those posts.

The antics of these twitter-taliban , news-nazis have started to seem like attention seeking antics of adolescents going through their terrible twos.

And as a mother of a 3 year old , I can actually see the humour in that. Read through these lines and tell me if you agree?



We are so sensitive,

Our feelings get hurt no matter what you say

We will throw a fit,

Even if you so much as look our way


We are the proverbial grenade

Waiting to blow

Freedom of expression is our excuse

We call it public outrage, you know


But you have no right to your opinion

If you are remotely quotable

Movies , gender, cricket , politics – even the weather

Are completely avoidable


Inspite of your social standing or your IQ level

What you say may come with a big disclaimer

You need to censor your thoughts

You are always under the scanner


Facts are swept aside, when wild imagination fuels misplaced pride

Armed with our smartphones, behind fake handles we hide

Rude memes, hurling abuses, creating a ruckus & what not

We are Indians, we are fragile, we are angry all the time.

Extreme reactions are our forte, jumping to conclusions the national sport.

Tell me your take on the entire melodrama. You find it hillarious , over-hype or just another day in our so called paradise?

And if you are so far tolerant to what I am saying , go ahead hit the like and share. Show some love , the social -world needs it buddy .


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2 thoughts on “Mind it, We Mind

    1. Thanks for dropping by Matheikal and leaving such a kind note,
      We cant help but get affected by every day events and perhaps its upto us how to react to them.

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