This is absolutely my very first post about Television programming content.

I do remember in passing posts about the reality television of good old era. Roadies or Americal Idol or Jhalak Dikha Ja were so fresh and new as concepts back then . And the posts I wrote were more about the people , moments , songs or random thoughts triggered by those series. Content back then seemed untouched by the whole melodrama & sham that has since enveloped reality television.

Back to present, other than perhaps , ‘The Stage’ or ‘So you think you can dance’ , I find most reality television worse off than reality actually. It is genuinely fake and very very avoidable.

But then this post isnt about Reality Television. Its about a specific program that I followed and insanely obsessed over – perhaps to this extent only next to Grey’s anatomy. I remember when Grey’s season 9 or 10 ended , I almost underwent withdrawl symptoms. Even though I’d never miss a single episode, google scenes and quotes like a mad crazy obsessive ex lover would fixate over memories of old times.

But Chasing Life is ending tonight and even though I was as invested in April’s life as her family & friends were, I am not heart broken. I am hopeful , content with a tremendous overpowering sense of closure.

If the promo for the series is anything to go by, Second chances and overcoming obstacles seems to be the direction the series is taking as it wraps up tonight and I am a big fan of happy endings.

So it all began when ‘Forever’ ended. Trust me , that was one series I was latched on to and how. A story about an immortal central protagonist , who has seen events spanning centuries taking shape and the more things change the more they remain the same for him. so much so that you are forced to think , whether being immortal is a gift or a curse. Living a life full of infinities , while you see loss and suffering almost every single day . What a bitter sweet take on life as we know it.

So when that series wrapped up, I couldn’t imagine a more captivating story to fill up the void left behind. I watched the first episode of Chasing Life with a quiet disdain, mentally comparing the Epic ‘Forever’ with this very ordinary ‘young girl wants to make it big’ saga. Watching it only to dismiss it as sub optimal , you know . Trying to prove a point. But within 15 minutes into the story , I was hooked.  So hooked.

Lets start with April Carver . A 24 year old who is finally getting a full time reporter tag at work , gets asked out by the guy she’s crushing over and discovers she has cancer. Within the first few minutes , just like all of us.

She has these very real , very believable fears and apprehensions while she goes through a cycle of disbelief , denial & finally acceptance. Yet not for a second does she sideline her ambitions of doing better at work or love for her family . She wants to be around her family , write a book some day , dream of a life with the one she loves . All very ordinary desires- if Cancer wasn’t in the picture. But it is and that’s the deal breaker.

Next, the characters. Her work colleagues [ including a new found office romance],  her teen – rebel- fiercely independent sister , her very compassionate mother and her super adorable friend Beth. The backstories , the characters and the storylines are so simple yet interestingly written – you cant help but compliment the writing.

For those who missed the series , she evetually survives cancer the first time , has a fall out with the gorgeous Dominic , finds the love of her life in Leo [ another cancer survivor she meets at as support group] , has a relapse , gets hitched overnight and loses her husband . She has her highest of highs , lowest of lows and she carries on and on. 

The finale I can sense ends on a happy note with her gaining back the strength and urge to fight cancer . Again. Finding love and happiness with Dominic . Again. Making amends with almost everyone she was quietly distancing herself from – her sister , mother and Beth . Again.

And getting back to her dreams of writing her memoirs and reliving her short , eventful life through many readers , again.

Second chances triumph over getting it first time right.

Chasing Life

If you were moved by her story , through my words – do drop in a line.


Image Credit : Chasing Life Wikipedia Page

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Chasing Life
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4 thoughts on “Chasing Life

  • December 3, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    Oh so you are also into TV series? News to me 🙂 happy news in fact! I can say I am into it but husband is toh bonkers over tv series 😀 This one I hadn’t heard of to be correct but I am going to search more on the content beyond your writing here of course 🙂

    • December 3, 2015 at 8:45 pm

      Husband and I have finally managed to find one channel that both of us like – Colours Infinity. So if he’s not watching some martial arts / CIA sort of movie and I am not watching a pic on Romedy Now or Star Movies Premiere . We watch Colours Infinity. Brilliant brilliant content. So fresh – and so fast paced. Go for it!!

  • December 4, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    Your review sounds compelling! Haven’t seen this one, but will look it up now. Grey’s anatomy was my fixation too….could never get enough of it! Another fav remains Desperate Housewives, catch the reruns that keep streaming on one or the other channels. Thanks for sharing this one 🙂

  • January 24, 2016 at 1:41 am

    oh wow. haha reading his post took me back to the days when TV series used to drain the hours of my days away like minutes. Also I got to know of Forever. Sounds fascinating. I wouldn’t have expected something as inventive as this to be already out. umm..


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