Sometimes I wonder if being too analytical isn’t such a blessing . Mostly in life situations outside of boardroom scenarios , being an over thinker leads to being an over worrier. And no one likes one of those right?

You can’t watch a movie without really thinking about what happens post the titles roll. Can’t interact with people without getting to know them beyond those chanced interactions. Being interested in things , people , everything around us is the side effect as I see of chronic thinking.

And I confess , I am one of those.The ones who constantly think and over analyse and dig deeper into the minutest of things , words or interactions. And they worry and imagine the extreme . You worry all night about catching the early morning flight and don’t catch a wink. You worry about not reaching on time for a 09:00 AM meeting and even if you are way before time , you worry through the way till you reach. You worry about being punctual and worse it irks you why the world isnt like that anymore?

But those are the day to day episodes that may or may not mean a thing but what really does matter is worrying and driving oneself mad about what people say and what they actually meant. Coz while one thinks people are complex and complicated , they arent. They are actually quite simple and they dont generally think beyond the moment. But its our breed that worries and drives oneself insane about every little word – trying to find deeper meanings , connecting non-existent dots and imagining Insinuations never implied. We have this strange world inside our heads that on good days can give us a head ache so lets not get to the part about bad days now shall we.

Maybe its not as hopeless as it sounds .. And I can actually see a very fun post on these lines . But somedays brevity triumphs over essays ( rarely happens in my case )

This quote defines the state of my mind right now .. So if you can’t top something that’s brilliantly put perhaps you shouldn’t think too much and try.

Confessions of a Chronic Thinker
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One thought on “Confessions of a Chronic Thinker

  • January 14, 2016 at 5:25 am

    Most or almost the entire time is spent in thinking- this I speak about myself. Yes! Even I have this habit of thinking what might happen after the movie is over and the titles roll. And I thought I was the only thinker who thinks at great lengths so much so that it starts affecting things.


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