My Twitter Timeline was Buzzing with Women Empowerment yesterday.

Angela Markel broke the 29 year jinx  & became the 4th woman ever to be The Times Person Of the Year . While the choice shouldnt come as a surprise as it resonates with the tradition of choosing political influencers as #TimePOY over say contributors in the field of entertainment or literature . Yet , that itself makes it as gender neutral as it can get. Her story of going from ‘being ignored’ to ‘world dominance’  gives hope to scores of women leaders across the world , irrespective of sectors or walk of lives.

Then there was @parineetichopra with her amazing #BuiltThatWay photo shoot . Not all that surprising for a bollywood actress one would think. Only that it was her own shoot unveiling a complete body transformation.

The super gorgeous Deepika was beaming in her upcoming movie promotions too . Clearly the bigger star than the man playing the titular role in the movie and if rumours are to go by, in her life . With a huge line up of endorsements , string of movies and her own business ventures kick starting she’s definitely at the top of her game.

In a nutshell , there was triumph of the human spirit with these super achievers and their happy stories all over my Twitter timeline like I mentioned. Would I want to trade places with them ? Yes ! Would their world be the perfect one that we imagine as life goals? Chances are it’s not.

They might seem to be doing exceedingly well in one aspect of their life [personal or processional ] , knowing them for what they essentially are – women that is , chances are they are as insecure , feel as inadequate in some other aspect .

May be instead of solving world problems there are days when one of them just wants to hang out with her besties over brunch and gossip.  The one who took time off to rebuild herself maybe is waiting around for some one to now cast her in the breakthrough role of her career. The third we know in spite of all that’s glittering and shining right now , has undergone personal crisis and battled inner demons [ the dreaded D word y’all?]

So the bottom line is, being Women , we always have this nagging voice inside our head critiquing us and pulling us down.

We want to rule the world but there are days when we are so swamped we can barely take charge of our own life.We set high standards and then we push and kill ourselves trying to achieve them. It doesn’t matter if we are a housewife , student , entrepreneur or a working mom like I am.

We want to balance work , home , relationships , career , interests basically everything and anything . While we are at it , we wish to make it all seem super effortless . We want to be perfect. We want to be the proverbial super women.

Woman on A tightrope.png

I am just like any other urban modern career-oriented -yet-trying-her-best-to-manage-life- beyond-work-woman . And everything I’ve mentioned about our tribe holds true for me too. But that’s not the secret [ yup – this post was about a secret that we had to reveal , lest you are completely lost in the current affairs meets page3 update so far].

There are days when one doesn’t want to remember the grocery list , the work to – do list , the minutes of the meetings , the timelines and deadlines , the upcoming wedding of some distant relative and the void in our wardrobe to dress up to the T for it, the extra 10 kg one needs to lose since you became a mom , interesting responses to ‘What’s special for breakfast ‘ on the sunday that’s coming right up , creating chartpaper vegetable cut outs for the kid’s veggie day celebration next week and yes the daily blog post one needs to write .

There are days when one just wants to be. Slow down . Take a deep breath and jump off that damn tight rope that we are constantly treading. Escape into nothingness or better still in an alternate reality. Perhaps that’s why we write? It’s therapy , escape or just plain make-believe.

On most days , like yesterday , I wanted to run away too . And this is The Address that always has the welcome sign on.

This post was written under the #What’sYourSecret Weekly prompt for #blogchatter. Also its the 7th post in 10 days [yay!] of the Blog-all- december #DailyChatter challenge.
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What’s your secret? #BlogChatter Prompt
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5 thoughts on “What’s your secret? #BlogChatter Prompt

  • December 14, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Chandni… how did I miss this post? Just how? Did I ever. It resonates with me at so many levels, one of my most prominent schools of thoughts is to wonder what do these super successful people do normally? When they are not rocking it.
    And the part you wrote as an urban woman, well you hit the nail girl!

  • December 14, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    Richa your prompt got me really thinking and I saw myself trying to do such a fab job at it that I yet again realised this truth about us . We as women work way too hard to constantly prove a point … But that’s not required at all is it ?
    It’s interesting to see how my thoughts resonate with you.. Proves my theory in life deep down the most basic needs and driving force of women are somewhat the same ..

  • December 14, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    Chandni – This post made my morning, how could you pen down exactly what i was thinking?
    Are you a mind reader?
    On a serious note, one of the most beautifully honest post
    Happy Writing

  • December 14, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    How true it is? Wish I could just lie down in bed a little longer.. wish I could just ignore there is a breakfast to be prepared and just look outside the window.. beautiful. I loved it.

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