BlogBuddy Mavericks- The Beginning

On my way to work today I was thinking about the #TopMoments2015 for me and then I realised – the tipping point this year wasn’t a profession or a personal one . It was something that fell in between and beyond.

In a couple of minutes, I’d be a part of perhaps the first ever blogger community initiative I have ever taken , infact I’d be leading it and seeing it through. Now that’s a big and very significant first.

It’s a super achievement , even the thought of making it happen. I was speaking with someone today noon about being ‘too busy to overthink’ could be the solution to half of the worries of the young & the restless.

I guess when I actively got involved with this  #BlogChatter community some 2 months back little did I know how much would really change before the year ends. I am not saying I am blogging like a pro but at least I am writing and interacting and I am speaking to so many interesting people , which completely expands one’s world view ! And being a self confessed chronic- thinker. I am after a long long time ‘Too busy to Overthink’ .

We make resolutions at the start of a new year and but here I am trying to make ammends for the year gone by in December. Not a small feat that is.

But before I move forward , here’s a quick flash back.

It all began with a random conversation on the side when I reached  out to a fabulous blogger seeking inspiration. One thing lead to another and here I was trying out a #BlogMakeover and actively participating in a weekly community chat session.

Then came in the BlogBuddies – a group of diverse and interesting bloggers,  brought together to ‘blog together and blog better’ . From unhurried introduction mails it was only a matter of weeks that we moved to shares , comments and encouragement .

And more. So much more. But before that.. Meet my BlogBuddies! Presenting to you –

Namrata : An ex investment banker , now a super happening book reviewer and editor at a publishing house.  She blogs here and tweets here.
Vikram : A celebrity sport blogger , widely pursued by brands lining up to fly him for fancy tournaments . what a fabulous inspiring story he is for so many of us . He blogs here and tweets here.
Rachit : An ex techie and the busiest man  in the  house , working on launching yet another venture -a world-class reference site for all brand enthusiasts.  . He blogs here and tweets here.
Ishani : The adventure junkie , more often found rock climbing than on our twitter TL but as long as she is chasing what she loves and blogging about it .. who are we to say ?She blogs here and tweets here.
Then the two kids as I’d like to call them Akshay and Omkar . Both pretty intense – writing wise and perhaps other wise also. One’s into academics and another into web-designing. Akshay blogs here and tweets here.
Omkar is totally missing in action – but I am hoping this post and the upcoming initiative does a Hriday parivartan for him and he joins the gang on a full-time basis [ I am seriously not as bad as I sound , give us a chance we can be good blog buddies :)]. He blogs here and tweets here.

So that’s the bunch and we are ably supported, counselled and lovingly smiled at by our very own blogchatter host Richa,  who blogs here and tweets here.

So we #BlogBuddies , talk  like we’ve been acquaintances for years , immaterial that we haven’t met in person ever and are actually taking things to the next level.

And that brings us to the present! Motivated to the point of no return by Richa , we have picked up an initiative that we’d drive together –  The BlogBuddyMavericks ChallengerSeries.

Over the next few days , I shall be writing in a bit more about my BlogBuddies and the challenger series that we shall be pursuing to up our ante. Here are some creatives [ Image credits pending — but so so thankful to google for always throwing up images to match my thoughts]

In one of the BlogChatter sessions we were discussing how our blog is a product we market . That’s so true. And that’s why to market #BlogBuddyMavericks #ChallengerSeries we came up with an entire promo campaign . Finally creativity put to some good use.

Some Games are played to beat , how about we compete to complete ? So that’s hint 1 about what we are trying to achieve .. any guesses?


Well this just might give away … A good finish to a greater start , when one’s playing with a sporting heart.  Hmm.. are the dots coming together?


So we take up the challenges and we win .. we complete the challenge and we win some more  because it doesn’t matter which side of the table we are , we are playing this game because we are Rockstarsaren’t we blogbuddies?


More details about the Challenger Series in the next post and just incase I haven’t already mentioned it a zillion times , I am so looking forward to the next 2 weeks and spear heading this entire chapter of transitioning, It’s almost poetic.

From one year to another ,

From one phase to another, 

From one level to another

Here’s to something new. Something old . Something we all love & shall continue to do all through 2016 & beyond.


Image Credits: Featured Image [ Pencils] . Teaser Creatives – Start/Finish , Chess and Race from Google.

11 thoughts on “BlogBuddy Mavericks- The Beginning

  1. Thanks Chandni for introducing BlogBuddy Mavericks team and the BlogBuddyMavericks ChallengerSeries. I am adding, to this. Chandni is our mentor and role model who is committed to supporting and motivating others. She’s always thoughtful, always focused, encouraging and full of creative solutions!

  2. What a tremendous testimony ! Am so floored ! Considering I have so much to learn from all of you!
    Lets keep blogging together and blogging better 🙂

    1. And most of the time we need kind seasoned bloggers like you to give us valuable feedback about HOW to make our blog look & work better 🙂
      Thank you so much Sid — If I write a book one day , You and Richa do get a mention in it.

    1. Richa .. let me assure you .. this one is an epic production. Wait till you read the sequels.
      And honestly – we love the adulation. Keep it coming !

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