Of Hope , Happiness and Google Doodles

It’s a Cold Wednesday morning and I am trying to figure out how I would complete my weekly prompt before noon. That and 3 other unfinished drafts taunting me mercilessly .  Plus the #ChallengerSeries prompt makes the math more complex . My priorities shift a little , so does my focus and I look out of my window . Its foggy and seemingly slow. But everyone as usual in this city is rushing off to some place to attend to some pressing matters.

Pressing matters? Yes , the 5 Blog posts that I have resolved to complete before 2016 arrives!

I get back to the Weekly prompt “Books that made you”. The deadline is looming right over the spot where the Book titles are dancing in my head . I open up my dashboard, Create a new draft and head to Google for the perfect picture. Obviously before the writing starts, the images to go along with the thoughts need to be searched.

And there it is. The Google Doodle inspired by that cute as a cookie Christmas carol ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

Two days before a festival that hardly has any meaning in my life other than perhaps the irritation it causes of wearing some extra layers that I so hate and the unspoken guilt of not dressing up my kid this year as a Santa [ in spite of the instructions received from his school] because I just find that plain silly. Yes I actually haven’t felt anything for this festival in the longest time .Till now. This second. When this wave of happiness takes over .

This year end is different as if a secret santa has dropped by to leave some hope and cheer and the much-needed inspiration . For years now, I have been wanting to do something for myself. The professional and personal milestones that should have been achieved so far have yet again got an unsolicited extension. Quitting and gunning for a start-up is out of questions. Travel has been limited . Books are now just 100 page quick fix reads. And I can’t remember the last time I went out to socialize with my friends or colleagues. 2015 like many years before it had the resounding theme of always busy , no time for self.

And now I have these Blog posts to finish, this weekly prompt to obsesses about. Quite a few blogging initiatives that I see keeping me creatively satiated. The Challenge Series to project manage . The 2016 Reading Challenge to pick up . And generally drool over stats like page views and rankings of my blog. And yes, my dream home [ the one I have waited for the longest to realise] to be set up. and So much more to do am practically delirious with excitement.

So much to do in one fabulous year that I am stepping into. And for a change everything in that list is things I shall do for myself.

2016 is going to be the ‘Year of me’ .

My heart does a little happy dance , after all its the season to be jolly!



Quick update:

So the Challenger Series post did turn out fine. You may catch it here.

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