It was such a perfect morning.

A morning meant to be spent breathing fresh air and soaking in yet some more of what he loved. The cart jumped a little on the bunker breaking his reverie and he smiled to himself returning to his thoughts.

It was becoming a daily routine, retracing every step of his journey while he spent these hours before day break in his tiny little flashback moment. A time when many kids his age were perhaps napping in their cozy beds he was blindly chasing his dreams. You know how some passions grow deeper with every passing day , so was his love for the sport.

It’s strange how some discoveries by destiny turn into the purpose of someone’s life by design.

As a child he was never into playing with other kids in the park. He would rather sit and listen to the birds and bees and the adventure tales of his father.Dad was never around and his mother used to tell him how wonderfully well he is doing at his job. He was as a sportsman.

He often asked her if he ever appeared on the TV or newspaper like other famous sports people did and she would say , “Arrey , he’s not a cricketer na. TV pe only Tendulkar aata hai. “

His irritation peaked especially during the India Pakistan matches that created a mad frenzy in the entire neighborhood. He could never understand the logic of running after some score, jumping around, falling all over the place . He just found the game silly and pointless.

I wonder if the English were so classy, how could they come up with this circus of a sport. Especially with the all’s fair in love & war – kind of spirit of the game.

Once done with British, he used to silently curse his luck while he was at it. India’s win and loss used to create headlines and was widely debated, but no one seemed to know about his father. Even his teachers had never heard of him.

That’s not done. I need to take matters to my own hands and really find out what is this sport all about that he was so wonderful at but no one seemed to really know him.

Legends are supposed to be world idols not obscure like spies.

And that’s how he first stepped on a golf course 10 years back as a curious 8-year-old determined to get the bottom of the mystery of a wonderful yet unknown sportsman his father was.

It was nothing like war. A Gentleman’s game with the core principle being fairness . He fell in love with all its elegance and spirit of competing with self . There was no looking back. Pun intended he thought, smilingly.


” Did you check out that backswing” ? His father’s voice brought him back to present.

That birdie on the 10th hole just might be the turning point today” he replied.

Sensing his father’s questioning eyes on him he went on, “ Dad, going by the wind’s speed and direction , wasn’t the swooshing sound enough to sense that ?”

His father pat his back and they walked back to their cart. “Sometimes I wonder if I have an over qualified caddie” his father joked.

“Cmon dad , one should never forget one’s roots. Right?”

They rode till the 18th hole in their cart discussing his father’s handicap. His father was worried as always how he’d started to play so well, he would surely qualify for the upcoming Australian open but maybe not perform as well.

Handicap. He always found the term funny more so when he could sense his father’s co-players wincing every time they mentioned it in front of him.

Strange how just like Golf, the term didn’t mean anything detrimental in his life as well.

He made a note of his father’s score in his notepad and looked on literally visualizing his father’s stance with the club raised, ready for another backswing.

“Go on dad, let’s see if you are half as good as the reigning number one , it’s tough to compete with your own student”

A wide expanse of black is what he could theorectically see, But his love made it a Life in Technicolour.As lush as the green course, as blue as the clear sky above.

His life was 50 shades of Golf.

Golf (2)

This post was written under the #ChallengerSeries #BlogBuddyMavericks in response to the Visual prompt challenge thrown by Vikram Kamboj. Thank you Vikram for this wonderful prompt that was full of so many possibilities . A big thanks to Richa. After three drafts when this post was nowhere near anything worthwhile , one conversation with you and I could think of actually trying my hand at a story!

Wondering what’s BlogBuddy is all about, Check my older post here. How did you like my interpretation of 50 shades of Golf? You have any interesting angle  , please share by leaving a comment . Much appreciate!

50 Shades of Golf #ChallengerSeries #BlogBuddy #Prompt
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