The plans to implement Odd- Even rule in Delhi are fast becoming a reality. Sitting on 31st noon its as if I have woken up the middle of a nightmare only to realise that it was a dream within a dream. You know like those bunch of guys in Inception?

I mean as if driving around 40 Kms one way wasn’t bad enough in a city that practically comes to a halt at the drop of a hat. ANY festival , thousands of weddings per day , Bomb hoaxes , bandhs , dharnas , Common wealth games and our current favourite – VIP movement.

And when they still see our unwavering will to carry on , Lets make it worse for them people , thought the apni sarkar.

Odd-Even, way back when first emerged as a probable idea, kind of had me in splits . We create a rule and then in hindsight we add some disclaimers and conditions as we sort of make stuff up as we go along. I mean most of us take that approach towards  story telling to toddlers or how we would want to spend an occasional Sunday , but other than that even weekends take a tremendous amount of planning on the planet that I reside in. Clearly , the ways of working in the galaxy that our Delhi Government inhabits is slightly different. It works on whims and fancies of a select few leaving little room for logic.

As Dilliwalas, our mundane unimportant lives are used to all the big city hurdles. We are used to being inconvenienced because , well,  some people want to test a hypothesis that’s destined to fail.

So the onion and petrol prices may fluctuate every day like stock exchange but when you try to shove down our throat a half-baked idea in the name of larger good , I have an issue with that sir.

Having worked with highly customer centric brands , Creating communication that is No conditions applied is a way of life. But odd-even is a supposedly citizen centric effort that is only bound to cause a lot of misery to everyone concerned since there are so many strings that are attached , we might as well call it a tangled web.

As per the latest update here’s how life after 01st Jan 2016 would be.

With no schools operating we would have kids to take care of at home , the DTC bus drivers would be more than their usual miserable and full of vengeance. There would be an army of Supermen meets Ironmen meets Spiderman …err basically Avengers hovering the city. Spotting offenders via their calendar synced , gender detection , number plate scanning systems and catching hold of them by shock and awe.

There’s a concept called beta testing in product development . Its essentailly testing something in an environment as close to reality. With the set of conditions applied , odd even is more like AK – testing. only logic thats applicable here would be that of Mr CM.

Anyway , tommorow is a night away. a Night that I am heading out to have fun in.

See you at the other side ..


Oddly Enough
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