What has been my New Year Resolution since 1998?

Let me give you a hint.

I am Non – smoking , Female.

See! There . Wasnt that easy to guess? Losing weight.

I’ve been trying to lose 5 kgs at any given point of time [It’s actually a dynamic window] for over two and a half decades now. That’s my entire Adult life.

The reasons why I wish to do so have varied : Stepping into college or getting married or motherhood . The last one has been my excuse for the last 3 years now.

And it has failed . Many times . Not all but more times than I can count. But unfortunately for so many years like they say ‘When you lose , never lose the lesson’ , in my case I was mis-interpreting the lesson completely.

For years now my resolution has remained the same and more or less the reasons of failure have remained constant too. Lack of will to see them through or sustain. The GM diets , the special dietician consultations and the aerobic classes or gym memberships – the roads I took were diverse yet I never seemed to reach my destination. Untill a little while back in an entirely different context I finally understood the lesson.

I was doing it all wrong. The reason why I wanted to achieve and the way I was going about it were way off the mark.

More often than not , one wishes to lose weight to rock a dress or feel fabulous or look better. But shouldnt the purpose of this major transformation should be to be healthier & be happier?

That’s Lesson 1. Get your Motive right and Motivation would followAfter much deliberation, I now wish to knock some kilo off since I want to be healthier  physically and mentally. More later than former as constantly failing and not being able to achieve something has more psychological impact than anything else. Apart from all the extra weight , failures are difficult to accept , they weigh you down and we don’t deserve them year after year. So lets just change the definition of success .

That’s Lesson 2. A goal with out a deadline is a dream . Not a resolution . So what changes this year is , the destination becomes – Being healthier. The approach being working with a plan , slow and steady and not an extreme scenario of too much or nothing at all.

But the most important lesson I learned last year , again in an entirely different context was – The journey becomes more fun when you have a companion. That’s Lesson 3.   Not only do I have a work colleague who joins me in my conquest by switching to healthier food options , I have another support mechanism in #99DayFitness – this brand new program on @BlogChatter that I am keenly looking forward to if nothing else to keep health and well-being on the top of my mind. The more we talk about it , the more we internalise it . That’s Lesson 4 .

So 4 Life – Lessons , 500 Words later , here’s to summarise the First post of the Brand New Year.

Health & Happiness are inter-related. One leads to another in a vicious cycle kind of way.

Now that I am actually a year wiser , I plan to get 5 kg lighter by my birthday.

2016 , we just might have a winner resolution in our hands now.

Exciting times right?

New Year's Resolutions, list of items


This post is part of the January blogathon hosted by #kowthas and #dailychatter and today’s prompt is “Day 1  : Write About an older resolution that failed & how you can improve it this year” linked here.

Of Failures & Fresh Starts #DailyChatter Day1
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One thought on “Of Failures & Fresh Starts #DailyChatter Day1

  • January 2, 2016 at 4:57 am

    Happy New Year. Check my last few blog posts about resolutions. I will tell u in brief. Even though u set resolutions, my advice for you would be to revisit it every month. I think it should help. A month or a fortnight whatever is convenient for you.


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