I am not someone who blogs about food . I can’t even remember clicking a snap of something while I am eating and posting it on social media . So writing posts about things to eat or places to eat is definitely not my cup of tea.

But today’s writing prompt for January #DailyChatter Blogathon isn’t about food . It’s about comfort food . My cup of tea ? Yes please.

We all love our food to bits , we know that .

Our cheesecakes and gulab jamuns , Hot chocolate fudges and paranthas . But these savouries are about taste , indulgence and getting a high through flavours and aroma . The cheese eating and wine drinking is all about cocktail dresses and stilettos and setting the night on fire . But once the party is over or when you are just done with painting the town red , dont we just want to head home?  The ultimate luxury isnt five star gourmet dining , its curling up in our couch in our well worn cozy pair of PJs and unwind with a cup of coffee or cocoa . Isn’t that true?

BlueBerry CheeseCake [ Clicked at Thai High] 

So just like clothes or places ..Some food are about celebration and some about comfort .And that’s what a cup of warm ginger tea is to me . That warm fuzzy cozy feeling of being at home.


Chai time at Grand Bharat, When work travel becomes next best thing to fun – travel


It’s said Coffee needs a bit of conversation , tea is best had alone .

I have loved and relished them both all my life . But the more I think about it,  all the coffee moments were with splendid company where conversations ( or never ending games of scrabble ) happened over coffee . The beverage wasn’t the experience . It added to it.

As I’ve grown older and wiser, I’ve started to relish moments of solace more than anything else. And , I’ve realised the choice to the toughest question we face every single day is easy to make .

Me , my cup of tea , some quiet and you know how things can take interesting turns .. And blog posts can happen .

PS : The version of one of this post was typed on my phone and turned out all over the place. Another cup of tea and some quality time on the post later — it’s in much better shape. Apologies if you had to endure the previous version.

This post has been written under #DailyChatter January blogathon being hosted by @rads and @blogchatter and today’s prompt is “Write about your comfort food “

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Definitely my cup of tea #DailyChatter Day3
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One thought on “Definitely my cup of tea #DailyChatter Day3

  • January 11, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    I love this post! I am a chai lover too !
    And yes, tea is best had alone.
    So brew that perfect cup of ginger chai and let the words flow and culminate into a blogpost!:)


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