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What’s your Mantra? #MondayMotivation #DailyChatter Day 4

The first working day of 2016.

I had a zillion post ideas breezing through my head . But I didn’t wish to use my time travelling to work to write . I wanted to see in action the #OddEven impact.But there was none , which was wonderful.

What wasn’t wonderful was to slowly push away the inertia that had caught on in the last few weeks and diving into loads of work .

The To-do lists were made , like they are made every Monday.Only this time – there were three. Personal , workwise and ‘for myself’. Before I was through with the last one, I knew what I would be writing about for Day 4 Daily chatter prompt about our Mantra under #MondayMotivation .

My Vision Board.

I loved this thought when I came across this via a fellow blogger. Not that I am new to the overall approach , its used extensively in advertising to get the imagery of a TG or a brand right.But here , the interpretation was personal .

As a part of the #MondayMotivation , I finally created a VisionBoard for myself.


2015 was a roller coaster ride for me . The highest of highs and lowest of lows. Personally and professionally. Achievements & Disappointments . Milestones and breakdowns. I have experienced them all. But what was the turning point of 2015 was : a better understanding about things that are important to lose one’s mind over and things that are not.

A very important life lesson that I am taking forward to 2016 .  Moving away from the mad frenzy that I used to thrive on that’s worthless , I would aim at trying small and sustain armed with a Vision Board to prioritise , unclutter and uncomplicate.

Curious about my Vision board? I first spoke about it here. But I am sure you wish to know more 🙂

Well , there’s a post about that coming up soon !

This post is part of the January blogathon hosted by #kowthas and #dailychatter and today’s prompt is “#MondayMotivation , Whats your Mantra for the first working day of the year ” linked here.



7 thoughts on “What’s your Mantra? #MondayMotivation #DailyChatter Day 4

  1. Yep Vision board helps tremendously. Ive used it and schools use it here for the kids in school and it helps. Glad you are off to a good start!

    Am beginning to feel like a broken record but I have to say it:) Pls link to my blog when u say
    “This post is part of the January blogathon..” Coz thats how folks would know where to come if they want to participate. 🙂


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