Someone I was trying to support wholeheartedly quite recently disappointed me .

Happens all the time. Happened yet again.

But this time it made me wonder.

When we are disappointed in someone , who are we really disappointed in?

Our own expectations from that person or situation . Is what I feel.

But it’s so difficult to give without expecting appreciation or acknowledgement right?

It is , only till you realise , it’s not as important to feel valued by others as it is to feel accomplished by own self.

That’s the motivation for me to write on today’s prompt under #TuesdayThankfulness .

Not a letter, but a Note to Self.

We often worry over people who don’t walk along with us, don’t see our point. At the cost of ignoring those who do. Who whole heartedly and completely extend support and join in – no questions asked.

It’s interesting as to how we see the former as a challenge to be won over or as a comrade who let us down.

But the latter, they are the guys who we mostly see as the ‘easy wins’ . Their being around should give us strength and reaffirm the belief in our purpose.

So here I am saying Merci Beaucoup , to everyone who supports, gives a patient hearing and extends a vote of confidence in me.

I may have ignored you but I do realise that it’s only through your quiet strength that I have moved forward in so many journeys that I have pursued.



PS :

It’s amazing how these prompts are syncing so well with my current state of mind. This prompt particularly complements this entire conversation I had with an inspiring lady over the weekend. She emphasised the whole concept of ‘Positive affirmations’ and ‘Attitude to gratitude’ will expand on them in a post that I am planning to write tomorrow


This post is part of the January blogathon hosted by #kowthas and #dailychatter and today’s prompt is “#TuesdayThankfulness , Write a letter of thanks” linked here.

Merci #TuesdayThankfulness #DailyChatter Day 5
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One thought on “Merci #TuesdayThankfulness #DailyChatter Day 5

  • January 5, 2016 at 10:00 pm

    Tres bien ma cherie! Love your spirit! Expect nothing and Appreciate everything is something that I believe strongly in. Great going!


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