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Of Make and Breaks

Taking a break from #DailyChatter for few days. Not because I am running out of steam. Far from it infact .Not only are these prompts beautiful – they are triggering so many other ideas in my mind , I would be ungrateful to not acknowledge that fact as many times as I can.

The reasons why I am taking a break are quite a few.

I am seriously behind on reading. With 2 books in hand – to read & review [ you can check my ‘currently reading’ shelf in the GoodReads widget I have just added] And TWO reading challenges that have been taken up – HT BrunchBook Challenge & 2016 Outdo yourself Reading Challenge , I might as well quit work and blog on a full time basis.

As if things weren’t already looking like an uphill task , @Blogchatter has introduced the #BlogChatterReadingChallenge that I am really excited about.

But since we can’t make this post all about things that are not getting done or have to be done , here’s the week 1 update for my blog.

So here’s what my blog looked like , 2 months back maybe?

For something that’s supposed to represent ‘Life in Technicolor’ , this was one bland looking , uninspiring and quite mixed up space from aesthetics and navigation point of view.




So I created pages , moved around some widgets , added some brand new ones. Changed my theme [ thank goodness for that!] and here’s how my page looks now post phase 1 makeover.


Pretty Neat right?

On that happy note, it’s a wrap from my side.

I am off to reading some posts now. If you want me to drop by your blog , leave a note.. and see you around!


4 thoughts on “Of Make and Breaks

  1. Hi..
    WO WO WO!! From your post, I can easily make out your enthusiasm that you have developed. You are super excited and have planned well. This I can say because I had read your post on resolutions that you planned for this year. And my my, you are excited and executing them with full steam. Hats off.

    I agree writing takes some of our time and reading takes a backseat. So we will have to wait for few days for your next post.

    I also liked the look of your blog that you have shown here “Then” and “Now”. To be frank, the first time I saw your blog, I was impressed with this theme. I had wordpress blog too, and they do have very good themes.

    Best wishes to you!!

    1. Hey Seeya , you are so liberal with praise. So heartening to see that my writing and blog’s aesthetics are appealing enough .
      Really value your positive feedback.
      I started off with a blogspot blog but eventually moved to word press because of its themes and dynamics .. This theme was suggested by Sid 🙂
      And I love it too !

  2. Like the way you’ve showed the transformation 🙂
    Congrats on the new look and I think you should take a short break too. Just so you don’t lose all that steam. The important thing is to keep it all consistent.

    1. Thanks so much Sid , for helping me with the makeover and being so supportive.
      I know what you mean when you say, it’s important to be consistent – will keep that advice in mind. 🙂

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