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Discovering #MicroblogMondays by Mel

While reading through some new blogs in my Blog reading Marathon yesterday , discovered Mel’s blog.

She writes about this simple idea that’s so powerful yet practical am surprised how most of us who ‘want to blog more often’ don’t do that enough.

She talks about MicroblogMondays. Writing a simple post [linking it up her blog on Mondays] thats Microblog. 8 Sentences or less. Simple isn’t it?

How often we have this interesting thought , idea , observation that we type away as a Facebook status or tweet . An incident , a movie review , how our weekend was. Anything at all.She compares that with writing on some one else home when we have our own space waiting for us to spend more time with it- our blog.

We usually set aside some thoughts and ideas to be built up as full-fledged posts later as due to some predefined notion in our head we feel , a blog post needs to be of a certain length or should be well researched or even articulated beautifully and written out more creatively keeping in mind the tribe of readers we expect who would magically drop by just to read and comment on it.

But there’s no written rule to Blog Writing other than writing .

So instead of squandering those beautiful thoughts on someone else ‘s walls just turn towards your own home.

#MicroblogMondays are tiny posts , just like tweets or facebook status messages that now I would Blog about and I strongly suggest , you too 🙂





7 thoughts on “Discovering #MicroblogMondays by Mel

  1. I adore MicroblogMondays 🙂 I’ve been fairly regular over there in 2015. This year, have to weigh it against my other challenges and figure out what will work. I love how Mel visits every single person who links up and leaves thoughtful comments. Definite win for me 🙂

  2. I had heard a lot about this term Microblogging for past few weeks in the group. But I never read about this. It is a great idea if you want to keep your blogging going on but do not have idea what to write. Nice initiative I would say.

    For me, writing long stories gives pleasure. But Microblogging for me I will consider as a good exercise where I can express something in few sentences. I guess it will help me tell about something in one or two sentences which otherwise takes a whole para or ten fifteen sentences. Good way to improve writing.

    Thanks for sharing about this.

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