The Little Joys of Life #MicroblogMondays

I sip on my coffee and soak in the mad frenzy that Monday Mornings are at the airport .
It feels as good as the first time. Taking a flight . Buying a cup of coffee & enjoying it alone. Simple joys of Life ?

I wonder yet again if my son would ever experienced these little moments of bliss the way we did -Mix tapes , writing letters , waiting for birthdays for gifts , pocket money , plane rides .

Will evolution keep intact the essence of financial independence , the wonder of technology that makes things happen,, discovering? Maybe not .But maybe he’ll discover a whole new set of experiences as his simple joys ? We have to wait to discover those


Linking my first very post on MicroblogMondays . Feeling escited :).. Coz Life’s little joys right?

4 thoughts on “The Little Joys of Life #MicroblogMondays

  1. We’ve grown up in a markedly different era from our kids, much like our parents did before us. I do think that there are some things they could learn from us, so I try to get her to write letters or make cards or just sit and enjoy the quietude that is life. I see very little quiet in the world today.

  2. My opinion on this is every generation has his own nostalgia of childhood when they grow up. Things which past generation enjoyed is different from what present generation enjoys and so on. We take for granted things that we have around us but those might be luxury or unnecessary items for older generation.

    Things keep changing over time and with that each generation has a memory or nostalgia of the past, and even present things.

    I hope I have conveyed what I wanted to say.

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