Good Days , Bad Days & People who make or break them!

Yesterday was a crazy day for me.

You know the kind of days that seem quite normal from the face of it , but you end up feeling all mixed up and disturbed and you just cant put your finger on what is it that is bothering you.

Aren’t they the worst kind?

When they try and act all fine but just aren’t?

And they try to seem on your side but are far from it?

And you do whatever you would normally do , yet nothing seems to be working out? Or atleast you end up feeling like you are losing your mind or balance or both?

I am still talking about the mysterious undercover bad days . But horrible as they seem , I’ve realized they are a life lesson waiting to be learnt.

Yes, So back to yesterday –had me miffed right at the start. A Grey, dreary and cold – typical winter morning , that poets write couplets about and I just have never warmed up to. Do note the pun.

And it was all downhill from there. As I navigated through the peak traffic , a super unproductive first half & quite a packed second half , I could see the balance falling flat on its face. And like one final blow , yet another pathetic interaction with an ungrateful person right before the long never ending drive back home.

We are all familiar with that feeling right? When you go out of the way only to realize that it was a wasted effort on someone who didn’t deserve a split second of your mind space to start with?

Happens all the time with me and some lessons I refuse to learn.

But yesterday with all its learning and unlearning , is over and it’s a brand new day today.

Its the same dreary cold morning. Am riding along in an ocean of cars trying to reach someplace important.But something has changed. The mind is clearer unlike the grey skies or my jam packed schedule.

Could be the ‘Friday effect’. Or could be this post I read in the morning by a fabulous fabulous stranger whom I ve never met but whose writing leaps out of the screen of my phone irrespective of the medium and talks , really talks to me.

No one likes an unrealistically happy and cheerful person. But we could all do with more super energetic motivated people who could rub that infectious liveliness on to us and coax , urge , nudge , push us to get up and chase whatever it is that makes us happy.

Why do we connect with them so well? May be they remind us of who we were and/ or who we wish to be. We see a bit of us and more often than not a better version of us in them.

That may seem like a huge responsibility to some but for some that comes naturally because they don’t do what they do to make a point. They are just wired differently.

Its strange how , it’s some random strangers who can ruin your day and mess up your mind and some random strangers again who can ask you all the right questions and say all the right things and make it all fine.

Just like good days , bad days and undercover bad days , its always a revelation to meet the range of people we come across. On most days , I find it tough to disassociate the kind of days I have and the kind of interactions I have with people.

Do people really make or break our days?

Let me know if people have that kind of effect on you . Leave me a comment and let’s get talking shall we? And yes , before you do that .. here’s a happy Friday thought. Have a great day !

6 thoughts on “Good Days , Bad Days & People who make or break them!

  1. Some food for thought there. People can make or break our days – if we let them, I guess. Of course, which is why I’m trying to surround myself (albeit virtually) with positive people. Plus I guess the other aspect is that technology does make it easy to connect with people – so even though we’ve been friends for a very short while, we feel comfortable talking about things that connect us.
    Either way, hope you have a fabulous day ahead 🙂

  2. Agree with Sid here. The key question is ‘Do we let them?’ I know it is difficult because sometimes even the sunniest of moods can be spoilt by a person who is petty or peevish. Helps if we can move away from them physically, put some distance between us and come back to our feeling of happiness. Takes a while to get it right though. Personally, I find that waking up happy is important for how the rest of the day will play out 🙂 Have a good weekend, Chandni.

  3. To begin with I needed this post as an end to my day today. Undercover bad boys. How I am going to steal this term and throw it everywhere now. My idea of such days is to allow the negativity get to you. feel them thoroughly. And then whoosh outgrow the ideas yourself. Avoiding them, evading them often makes them stronger in intent.
    A bad day is just that. A bad day. There are on a few occasions no takeaways 🙂

  4. Reading you for the first time. Coming to your question: Yes strangers can be bright spots or bloopers in a day. But let’s not give them the power to ruin our days. At least I try not to.

  5. We do not despise how a stranger can affect your life- good or bad way, that petdon is unaware. It’s the way of life. We feel we get affected by ppl who we know. Fact is stranger whom you may never meet again can be a cause of your mood.

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