January Round up

Its unbelievable how fast January went.

Yet in what was meant to be a contemplative 1st Feb post that’s a week late , I still feel there was a lot that I accomplished in the very first month of 2016 than I have in some of the quite forgettable recent years .


Its magical how my #VisionBoard resonates with my goals this year and almost each passing day I am taking a small but significant step towards making this year truly the #YearofMe.

The highlight of January was definitely Home. Every free moment went into looking up ideas , every weekend in meeting up interior designers and every night I went to sleep dreaming about the new home that we are finally moving in , in a couple of months.

Perhaps that’s why I felt, I did okay in the Happiness department as well . Sleeping well at night is a luxury that the richest of the rich can’t buy , so no complaints there.

Creativity is like the oxygen I breathe. If whatever I am doing at work is mundane then my savior is transforming it with some unique ideas. That works for me for updates, review presentations , launch mailers – almost every communication piece that I get to work on as a part of business as usual. This month , I think I outdid myself by not just infusing creativity at work but its now seeping life beyond work as well. Helping out BlogChatter campaigns is fast becoming my idea of an alternate career [ the one that doesn’t pay , in cash atleast]. My posts are looking more pleasing to the eye and I discovered Canva ! Could it get any better than that?

This month my blog got a lot of quality attention from me. I was just looking at the range of topics I covered – From women to movies to odd/even! Though a lot of my writing was personal as against the well researched longish posts that I would rather write, but there were unique genre I covered like sports. I also managed to write my New year resolution post and of course the very idea of creating a #VisionBoard and pursuing it , isn’t that amazing? In 11 posts this month , I think I’ve set the tone for the year and I am digging the melody.

The only aspect that I haven’t worked on is  Health and Well being and perhaps the February round up post shall be a dedication to that. After all turning a year older should finally make me wiser enough to put this most important thing . I don’t lack the will, I  just lack the intent and the purpose . Time does have a habit of bringing both of those to you sooner or later. Not later than February is all I am hoping for.

As I now step into February , the month of love and the month of me , am hoping to work more towards Peace & Harmony. I can already see I am becoming a calmer version of myself. My reactions are more contained. The balance that I lost is now somewhat getting aligned . There have been days when I could also experience that rare moment of absolute quiet in my head followed by a clarity of exactly what I want to do and how. So Zen right?

Anyway , at the cost of sounding like an erstwhile deranged person back there , I would say I have a fabulous feeling about February . I hope this birthday, life gifts me a filter for all things negative and those rose-colored glasses that I lost some years back.

Every month I would be inching close to meet what I seek mid way . I know all that happiness and peace and creative exuberance is seeking me too !

What you seek is seeking you- Rumi


5 thoughts on “January Round up

  1. Vision board can do wonders, I agree! Congratulations on the new home, definitely a big high! Your creativity comes through in your posts. Keep that going. I’m sure your birthday month will be fantastic.

  2. Thanks Aditi .. everything is falling in place and thanks to coming across some creative , positive people like you and many more via BlogChatter / Twitter I can totally see my Vision board turning into the 2016 predictions.

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