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The Journey #AtoZChallenge

Two women. One hikes 1000 miles to seek redemption. Another finds closure in a process of self-discovery. Both loved dearly . One hurt a few people in the process another’s heartbreak caused her to mend some broken lives around her. Both have a gift . They feel strongly ,passionately & wholly about what they believe in . They can express what they feel through words.

I met these two fabulous women over the weekend . Cheryl in Wild & Greta in Begin Again & what amazed me about their story was , it could be you or me.

When Cheryl’s mom is taken away by cancer , she tried to mend her broken heart through drugs and sleeping around . Her trysts of finding momentary escape slowly disintegrate her marriage & life . Soon after her divorce she decides to redeem herself to start afresh. That’s when a 1000 mile hiking trail into finding herself begins. Along the route , this unassuming petite [novice hiker] becomes your everyday hero . For over 94 days she carries on , fighting the urge to quit almost every minute. She meets strangers who are kind & not so kind. She learns survival on the job and along the way relives moments from her past slowly coming in terms with her past in all its bitterness and glory. Every now and then she leaves these small notes behind & in her journal that help her grieve , heal & get a fresh perspective . From being down and out in the beginning , one can see her positive transformation with her visualizing a happy future ahead as the title roll.

Unbelievable as it may sound , this is a true story – a movie adaptation of a biography with the same title. If you never took Reese Witherspoon too seriously after Legally Blonde , well , you are in for a surprise.

Greta isn’t like Cheryl though. From the face of it atleast. She’s your happy song writer who is just starting a new life with her partner in a new country  & a new city. Little does she know that with his new found success , they would lose their love for each other and the music that they create together. She walks out only to be discovered by a music producer who sees in her a revival of his fading career. They create music that is true to their craft and find a friendship that makes them both look at life with new eyes. His life finally falls in place with his estranged family. She spread her love for music around instead of selling it to find a new beginning , cycling away from her past life & relationship with an intriguing smile.

The spectacular Keira Knightly sings her way into your heart as she lives Greta with honesty & elegance.

Both Greta & Cheryl were your every day people . Yet they achieved something extraordinary. They took up something and saw it to the very end , leaving all the past baggage behind and reaching a place where they saw things getting lighter & better. That’s the beauty of a challenge & I am ready to take one myself.

In a little over a month from now , 26 Days of writing for #AtoZChallenge would begin. I am looking forward to this journey that takes me from a ‘keen blogger’ to an ‘engaged community member’. With a theme (So excited about my theme reveal!!) , 26 days of writing and sharing love & finally completing a Challenge – would I be able to create an extraordinary story for myself too?

Some journeys need to be taken to see what awaits us the other side & I’ve taken the first step today.



I am going to give #AtoZChallenge my best shot all through April 2016. Would you cheer me on? Would you want me to Cheer you on as you take this journey along? So sign up here , leave me a note and we’ll walk this path together.

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