She was getting a hang of it now. It used to seem a little odd when the cycle began. The unusual lives that suddenly surrounded her and people. So many people . Gosh! If only she would be so lucky to be left alone next time around.

Wouldn’t that be such a blessing!

She laughed at the thought again. Blessing is such a weird word. Almost everyone so far had a different definition of it but no one understood it much. She had concluded it a couple of years back. Her thoughts went back to the college girl this one time who wanted plain straight black hair coz her mad , frizzy , unkempt hair were such a curse.’ I wish I had hair like yours , such long beautiful tresses’ that pretty , petite little thing had dreamily looked at her as they chatted in the metro.

I wonder if she is happier now. The hair do seem a little high maintenance , she mused as she tried to tie her mad crazy frizzy unkempt hair yet again.


“Hi , How are you ? I have seen you working out in the park lately . So motivating . I am Naina and you are?” Gushed someone besides her , breaking her reverie.

Jeanie . She said with a smile glancing over the stranger who had just plonked herself on the park bench besides her and was already switching gears from polite conversation to a heart-to-heart. She got those vibes again. She knew this lady needed her help. Today is our lucky day , she thought.

“Oh such a pretty name , you study? I used to work but now am a stay at home mom” Naina pointed at the toddler giggling in the pram parked besides her. Jeanie nodded in affirmation as Naina spilled the story of her life in graphic detail. How the love marriage turned into a loveless marriage. Once college sweethearts , all that was left was bitterness and loneliness in their lives . How her husband was always travelling leaving her to take care of their almost 1 year old all by her self.

They were fast approaching that moment. The moment when Naina would just go ahead and say those words. Her cue.

And almost on cue Naina turned to Jeanie and said  “You know what would be wonderful?Turning back life a couple of years . You are so lucky – being a student is the best time of one’s life. I can see you’d be quite a stunner once you lose a couple of those kilos ” She paused for a second almost to get the right words & carried on “I would love to swap lives with you!” Naina went on as if now talking to herself.

Be my guest. Jeanie smiled as Naina turned to her with a look of amusement that in a split second turned into wide eyed shock.

Jeanie walked away from the park bench towards the toddler playing in front of her , dragging the pram along. The idea of loneliness , finally , so refreshing. I have a really good feeling about this one.  The cherubic kid in her arms said ‘Mama’ looking at her with big brown eyes . What a blessing this one has turned out to be.

As she went to the parking lot & drove away to her new home & new life , she mentally gave a pat on her back for the day’s accomplishment yet mused again .

That’s another happy girl there. But why men never ask for blessings though , are their lives so perfect?

She must speak to her master about that , she made a mental note.




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