a-to-z HEADER [2016] - april.pngI’ve taken up Daily Blogging Challenges in the past . Project 365Days or Daily Chatter were my most recent disasters.  And after that teeny bit of confession , its safe to assume how none have been seen through. So Why #AtoZChallenge? And why would it be any different?

Firstly, I am not in the same space as I was back then. Writing used to be an internalized effort . With #BlogChatter as a community , I can see how blogging isn’t about writing and ditto for #AtoZChallenge. It’s so much more than writing daily. But that doesn’t begin to answer the question right? Here’s the backstory.

This year as part of my larger project on #YearOfMe , with a whole #VisionBoard to see me through it , Blogging is becoming a serious activity that I am investing myself in. Not time, not just energy. But myself. And when I say Blogging , that means – writing , reading , sharing and commenting – essentially engaging . Reaching out , striking conversations.

The BlogBuddy ChallengerSeries was the first step to test run the thought. But that was like a 20-20 match. The fun of the game is the test series. But to play that – you not only need some(?) knowledge of the craft, but also skill and patience . Also a huge team cheering you on & why would they do that , one would ask. Because you are giving back with as much love.

So that’s why #AtoZChallenge Series is different. Its a daily challenge, yes. But I am mentally prepared for it and I am hoping that there would be a community cheering me on as I would do too. Here’s why I am taking the challenge .

  1. The exercise would see me truly brush up my blogging and engagement skills. If I do what’s supposed to be done and I do it well, there’s little chance that I don’t improve as a blogger and actually reach the next level.
  2. It would be a worthwhile experiment to take up to evolve and give shape to the abstract idea of #DigitalIdentity that I am working on. If not the whole personality , atleast I’ll figure out my voice , my signature style .
  3. I want to see what’s at the other side?  Dramatic as it may seem . It’s a challenge and a journey . I want to see where this path would take me.

It’s my first attempt and I know just like me you might have a lot of questions on what’s the challenge about and the do’s and don’ts.

Here’s what I suggest you do.

  • Head to the #AtoZChallenge Blog page
  • Read about the fascinating stories [how it began & how it transformed the lives of some people who took it up – the whole 50 word stories published as a book is my favorite tale] .

Once you’ve made up your mind to blog , read and share for 26 days all through April with more than a thousand bloggers [ trust me the sign up list is huge already] , here’s what you should do.

  1. Sign up here
  2. Follow @AprilA2Z for their updates & do participate in their weekly chat #azchat
  3. Subscribe to their posts. You wouldn’t have to scout around for updates.
  4. Get yourself a badge [wink wink] and flaunt it on your page.
  5. Think of a theme & sign up for the theme reveal here. It would make it easier and more exciting .

And yes, Leave me a comment. I would surely follow you back and trust me you would have one person cheering you on for sure.

Also , before I wind up this post , a  Disclaimer . I am only a participant , in fact its my first year . I am not a part of the #AtoZChallenge team so following me or leaving me a comment or whatever that you think you’ve taken away from this post – doesn’t associate you in any way to the challenge or that community.You need to follow them and sign up for the challenge to get started .

Here’s why I am taking this Challenge up . What’s your story? Let’s get talking .

okay then. I am staking claim to A to Z Challenge along with Blogchatter community.

Let’s do this!


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