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February Round Up

Between life falling apart and slowly falling back in place and some other banalities like that February is almost over before I even knew it. Even if we still have one more (bonus) day this year , a Round up post is the most fitting tribute to all that happened & didn’t this month that surely packed a punch.

In my January Round up post , I wrote about how February is the month of love and a month of me. Both being a bit dramatic as statements yet somehow always true like they did this time around too. Here’s what made this month quiet eventful.

  1. Am embracing my life in all it’s glory , including the fact that I am now older than I was last week same day 🙂 . Don’t trust me , read this post . Belated wishes are most welcome!
  2. Winning the #SportsChatter Contest . The Second spot was as unexpected as giving ‘writing about Sports’ a shot. You may want to glance over my posts about Mental Health , Sports on SilverScreen & Celebrity lives gone wrong and tell me what you thought.
  3. Committing to #AtoZChallenge & sealing the intent by taking up additional charge as the #BlogChatter Community Spoc. With all the life changes happening around me April is already giving me the pre roller coaster ride nervous pangs.
  4. Inching closer to our very first house. The very thought of it wants me to sing ‘Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar’ . Such a long wait but I am finally getting there.
  5. The long awaited promotion came through at work. Just when the internal tussle of carrying on or giving in had intensified. When I am a month away from firming up the decision to focus on one aspect or maximize the multitasking . Multitasking & Carrying on becomes slightly more doable now. Also , the timing ! The news came as the perfect Valentine’s day gift to self.

Almost every aspect of my #VisionBoard is falling in place save one .Would March be more exciting on the Health & Well being front ?

How are you doing viz the goals you had for yourself this year. And no , I am not talking about the resolutions. I am talking about being insanely ruthlessly selfish and focusing on your needs from the year and making it a #YearOfMe.

Spill the beans , pour your heart out . You have the perfect listener in me.


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