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Unveiling The Theme #AtoZChallenge

Everyday.jpgThey’ve inspired Sonnets & Sagas. They have been behind mutinies , inventions and transformations spanning centuries . They are beautiful , alluring , mystical , strong , ruthless .

Yet when it comes to describing women , the house remains divided. Are they complex creatures or the simplest of beings?

The moment I decided to give #AtoZChallenge a shot this year , it didn’t take me too long to zero in on my theme. Women.  They have been behind my journey – on a personal level , professionally and now when I am rapidly moving forward in the third dimension of my life , as a blogger.

My very first #AtoZChallenge is a tribute to Women. Not the kinds who’ve changed the course of history . But the ones who can create magical moments. Make or break people. Manipulate relationships . Slip in and out of roles or refuse to fit into one at all. The real women in our lives.

Here are 26 stories about 26 women . One everyday , about women like you and me.

Everyday Women.

I wouldn’t be surprised If you find a bit of someone you know in each of them .

Does my theme sound interesting? Do leave me a note if you have a story to share . Would be delighted to visit you during Atoz as well if you leave me a link to your theme reveal post.

Here’s hoping an exciting month awaits us. #AtoZChallenge : Let the countdown begin!

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55 thoughts on “Unveiling The Theme #AtoZChallenge

    1. Hello There Mary .. so nice of you to drop by and leave such warm words..
      My posts wouldn’t really be tributes per se , more like stories about women like you and me.. look forward to having you around

  1. When I was a young woman, I preferred the company of men because they talked about politics and sports, less about which baby bottle to use or which wallpaper to buy. The years rolled on and I came to treasure women, with their willingness to share their stories, their ups and downs. Your theme for April intrigues me because I now treasure the breath and depth of the women in my life. See you in April.

  2. Everyday Women is an interesting theme. Reading these 26 stories will surely inspire all of us readers to change our everyday attitude to a variety of things.

    I’m glad you’ve taken this theme for your first challenge. Don’t worry, all of us bloggers will cheer you on till the finish line 🙂

    Awaiting April <3

    1. Yup…its easy and difficult and fun and complex just like us ..
      writing frantically now so that I can visit wonderful people like you once the challenge starts …
      thanks for dropping by and all your support.

  3. Yes, this is interesting and I would be looking forward for your April blog posts, Chandni. Would love to read the success stories and other inspirational stories that you would be presenting here in the month of April.

    Keep up the good work and all the best to you.

    The Solitary Writer

    1. Hahaha .. I know one thing for sure , you’d be bringing along your splendid sense of humour and women like nothing better than witty company 🙂
      look forward to seeing you around ..

  4. That’s one wonderful theme.
    Can’t wait for your 26 stories during the course of A to Z Challenge 🙂
    It’s my first time for the challenge too.
    Let’s rock on!

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