Everyday.jpgThey’ve inspired Sonnets & Sagas. They have been behind mutinies , inventions and transformations spanning centuries . They are beautiful , alluring , mystical , strong , ruthless .

Yet when it comes to describing women , the house remains divided. Are they complex creatures or the simplest of beings?

The moment I decided to give #AtoZChallenge a shot this year , it didn’t take me too long to zero in on my theme. Women.  They have been behind my journey – on a personal level , professionally and now when I am rapidly moving forward in the third dimension of my life , as a blogger.

My very first #AtoZChallenge is a tribute to Women. Not the kinds who’ve changed the course of history . But the ones who can create magical moments. Make or break people. Manipulate relationships . Slip in and out of roles or refuse to fit into one at all. The real women in our lives.

Here are 26 stories about 26 women . One everyday , about women like you and me.

Everyday Women.

I wouldn’t be surprised If you find a bit of someone you know in each of them .

Does my theme sound interesting? Do leave me a note if you have a story to share . Would be delighted to visit you during Atoz as well if you leave me a link to your theme reveal post.

Here’s hoping an exciting month awaits us. #AtoZChallenge : Let the countdown begin!

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Unveiling The Theme #AtoZChallenge
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