Chai pe Charcha with Richa

She lets the tea boil till I jump in to save the poor things much charred soul . It has turned jet black , I realize as we plonk ourselves back in the living room. I take a sip from my seriously Kadak Chai ki pyali while she candidly sets it aside indefinitely . She likes it cold you see.

And then the Chai pe Charcha begins.










You get to see the fish in their natural surrounding , hear stories of her neighbours – whose life you can peek into from her balcony , hear her future plans about BlogChatter. You stop yourself from clicking any snaps of exactly how her space looks  coz you can only see it to believe it.

I wasn’t sure I was going to land at her place at 07:30 AM in the morning. On a sunday when strangers drop by unannounced , in many cultures , I am sure it would be okay to pretend no one’s home. But I landed in Pune last Sunday & went over straight to meet the girl who dons many masks. A chat friend , the Multitasking Ninja  , the brilliant writer and the reason why someday I’d write a series of post on ‘How Blogging Saved My Life’.

That’s Richa for you.

Over aloo parantha – chutney and kadak chai you talk about her one zillion projects , her as many online/offline [ they merge seamlessly so tough to tell one from another ] interactions  and you end up applauding , quite vocally , her ability to handle all that , with a full time job!

Now what was unique about this power breakfast on a sunday morning with this girl ?

So , for starters , this was exactly the first time in my considerably well spent life that I have travelled a couple of hundred miles to meet a complete stranger  .Moreover , when it comes to my admiration for strong purposeful women , the process went anticlockwise in this case. I generally spend some time knowing these fabulous super women before I can idolize them . In this case , It started off with admiration and then the meet up!

Wise beyond her years , Richa – the brain , heart and fingers behind @BlogChatter taught me 3 amazing life lessons amidst bouts of incessant giggling.

  1. If you have an idea , there is no better time to start working on it but now.
  2. Sometimes , the most important thing is to ‘Show up’ .It might not make sense , might be illogical , impractical and all those things – BUT its important to show up for things you stand for . to show up when you mean business .
  3. There is no upper limit to multi – tasking. your brain can never hit max. it’s a super machine and the only option one has is to match up !

I have heard her speak at not one but two occasions and her passion fills up the room and your idea diary within seconds of the BlogChatter Workshop kicking . BlogChatter workshops? Oh yes — more on that soon.

If you have an important observation to make on this narrative – like say , The ‘Cha’ is in her name so that explains the obsession or some such smart thing , go ahead , leave me a note!


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