I learnt a very important professional [and life] lesson from my very first reporting manager.  As a curious wide-eyed , fresh out of B School graduate , I asked her what does a ‘brand’ truly mean . As the Brand head of Orange [ the telecom brand , remember? ] she said “If you cut wide open our loyalists you’ll find Orange running through their veins”.

Call that melodramatic , but I got goose bumps back then as I do now.  She taught me how passion needs to seep through our bones and run within our blood for us to really be significant .

But why this story now?


I rediscovered that passion a month back when I decided to take up #AtoZChallenge in a larger way than I thought I was capable of . I realized there are many who felt the same way as me. In a couple of hours from now , thousands of bloggers would go beyond their limits , boundaries and horizons and blog through the month. Their motivation runs through in every tweets, email , chat and post .  Just like it does in the post that landed in my inbox from @JazzFeathers who blogs at The Old Shelter today.

She wrote about Top Themes she’s looking forward to read and she wrote about it like her life depends on reading those blogs . Which made me wonder about my #FavThemes too.

Without meaning any offence to many many others that I admire but haven’t mentioned and many more whom I am yet to discover , here are the top bloggers in whom I see the same searing passion about their theme that my boss spoke about.

Ladies & Gentlemen , presenting my #FavThemes!

First up Kala , who blogs at Relax & Rave plans to share the AtoZ of Interiors . Tips , Tricks , Hacks – as I set up my home that I would be soon shifting into , these would be bookmarked and used as guidance.

Next is Shinjini , who blogs at Modern Gypsy . She would be putting together AtoZ of Art Journaling. Definitely informative yes, but can you imagine how pretty those posts would be ? Sigh!

Up next , My very own BlogBuddy Namrata , who blogs at Privy Trifles. She would be taking us through a pictorial Journey of Cities & their stories. Gosh , the goosebumps are back.

More power to the gang of girls as Mithila who joins the bandwagon with sharing some Weird Words on her Fabulous Blog .  Its so goofy right?

Can you see the range that I am talking about ? There are pictures , cities , arts , interiors and words. Am drooling all over my keyboard right now and am not even done as yet!

Saving the best for last is My favorite Life of an Army Wife , being taken up by Shalzz who blogs at The Tale of Two Tomatoes . She’s going to make it fun or serious or personal or whatever it is that she plans to do. I know am getting all nostalgic being a hardcore army kid , now a civilian wife . But , no pressure Shalzz, No pressure.

And then there is the only guy in the line up .. by destiny or design it’s Sir Leprchaunrabbit [ Please notice the Title and take a bow!] he plans to write  Mystery Fiction on his blog , wait for it , Your Roots Are Showing and has been actually promoting it for a while now on twitter with teasers and what nots! Also , once am done with the challenge and ready to write my “What #AtoZChallenge taught me post” *Future Post Alert* he’ll find a mention there as well , so this gentleman is special in more ways than one 🙂

Alright then , a couple of minutes to go and am all sweaty palms and jittery nerves right now.  While you join me to discover many such fabulous themes by these passionate bloggers , do take out time and share some blogging love with me on #EveryDay Women – My very first serious attempt at Fiction writing inspired by women like you and me.

Shameless self promotion is done with, lets post this and get ready for the biggest daily blogging challenge to kick start ! See you on the other side 🙂

PS : There are many fab links in this post – do click and check them out 🙂 Much appreciate !

My #FavThemes from #AtoZChallenge
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5 thoughts on “My #FavThemes from #AtoZChallenge

  • April 1, 2016 at 3:41 am

    Ah! Thanks so much for the nice words 🙂
    I’m happy my blog inspired you. Taht’s what the challenge is all about, right? Sharing and finding inspiration in each other.

    Still a few hours to go for me. Are you nearly there?

  • April 1, 2016 at 3:48 am

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and you are so right!
    Yup its the Cinderella hour for us .. my post went live before scheduled time and now some goof up but its going to make such a fun first AtoZChallenge story right?

  • April 1, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    Why why why didn’t I get any notification for the tag! Stupid wordpress!

    But thanks, Darl. <3 You made my day. How very sweet of you to mention. I hope I do not succumb to the pressure 😉

    I love your theme too. Will definitely visit every day!

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