All eyes were on her as they stepped into the room.

Not for the first time she owned the room, any room, the second she walked in. She still felt the same excited nervousness as she felt when she first walked on stage and every single time thereafter. The thrill of answering that winning question that got her the winning crown a decade back as a young ambitious beauty queen.2.png

No one would ever know its as much hard work , she muttered smoothening a non-existent crease on her champagne coloured chiffon cocktail dress & glanced at her companion . The second best looking person in the room . He was smiling beguilingly at her just like a love struck puppy. She felt that “And the winner of Ms World 2006 is..” chill down the spine again. Tilting her head slightly, her hazel eyes gleaming with unspoken wickedness  , she whispered in his ear in her trademark  hard-to-say-no-to honey toned voice “Let the games begin , my darling

“Oh Cmon you guys , enough with the public display of affection , the party’s waiting for you to get started ” Startled in almost a well-rehearsed synchrony they turned towards the source of the snide remark. The host of the evening their business partner looked at them with serious relationship goals envy.

They made a good team . The tycoon and the trophy beauty-queen wife. He was an ace Venture Capitalist . The hands and legs . She was the face that attracted potential business & the head that wore the crown in the their fast expanding empire. Grooming future beauty queens was serious business.


Darling , that went well. She looked him like a teacher appreciating a kid who’s just recited the poem in front of the class without faltering. I just might change my mind about your allowance for the month she smiled with barely masked bitterness.

They were back in her room. Now you may leave , She dismissed him. He tried to reason with her again to reconsider her decision , to explain his last indiscretion with that 17 year model , yet again. But she wasn’t interested.

She only wanted to get out of her Jimmy Choos & rubbed soothingly her bruised feet. And she wanted to got over the next days plan of action for yet some more endorsements.  She didn’t have time for complications in her far from perfect-10 relationship.She was beauty with a purpose . She had to wear her crown well .

She smiled removing the 7 carat solitaire vintage wedding ring , cozying up alone in her queen sized bed & strategizing for the next day’s boardroom meeting.

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Beauty with a purpose #AtoZChallenge Day 2
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