Coffee Needs Company #AtoZChallenge Day 3

The evening rush was getting built up at the Corner Coffee house.

The incessant chattering of young couples. The giggling aunties gossiping about the latest Bollywood Couple’s rumored linked up over some tea & sandwiches. The group of college kids out for their weekly evening out haggling over the menu card. And amidst all that coffees and shakes and delectable goodies flowing in and out of the kitchen.

Just like an old pair of jeans , the place fit perfectly even after a decade . Almost as if in a time wrap , she could see herself in that corner. Quite like that couple over there . Debating the ending of a movie they had just watched Or discussing thread bare the next project in the curriculum. The girl was gushing or blushing , one could hardly tell and the guy was clearly hanging on her every word .

But young & in Love that’s not who she was at 22.


She stepped into the B school to step out as an A grade manager . On the orientation day , the Dean had asked the Batch of 2005 if any one had plans to be an entrepreneur , to which she had raised her hand.  The most good looking guy in the batch had come over right after the ceremony and introduced himself as her ‘business partner – to be ‘. Over countless cups of coffee, the business & pleasure got a little intertwined .  He proposed with a tiny little speech on the Graduation Day – Coffee needs Company and they make the best one , so why not for the rest of their lives?

Back to present she laughed at the irony taking another sip of her warm and comforting mug of Café Mocha. Coffee needs Company – how that little speech that day changed her life.

“Long time” a familiar voice broke her reverie and her old partner in crime made himself comfortable in the chair opposite her. “It has been what , a decade? What brings you to the city . Though I must say I am glad that we are back in touch”.

“We never got to have our last cup of coffee together right?” She said handing over him an invite in rich cocoa & gold hues.

“So you are tying the knot finally ?” The tension in his voice toned down a bit.

“Read on?” She saw his facial expressions go through a mirage of changes to finally turn into confusion. It was an invite for an exclusive event of the 100th store opening. He had read about it in a Business Weekly . It was one of the most promising start ups of the year , funded by the largest VCs in the market.

“You are cordially invited to see my dream unravel ” The dots in his head finally connected but he was at a loss of words.

They both had come a long way. He was now a satisfied white collared job going father, living a life his parents chose for him. She now on in the ‘Entrepreneurs to look out for’ list the face behind country’s largest chain of Coffee – Book Shops , Coffee needs Company.

“Do pay us a visit , the Coffee as always is on me” . She said as she stood up to leave with a sense of closure.

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29 thoughts on “Coffee Needs Company #AtoZChallenge Day 3

  1. Wow! the power of following one’s dreams and taking the path less taken does take one to places others can’t imagine.
    Loved the pace and narration of this, yet another beautiful story 🙂

    My Era @theerailivedin
    The Era I Lived In

    1. Yup .. I always wonder at the beauty of how each of us are so unique in the way we look , think and write about even the same ideas .. wonderful isn’t it?

  2. You are a storyteller ❤❤❤.

    Loved the story 🙂

    The PIC that needs credits ,perfectly apt with the situation you mentioned over there.

    And a girl in dream of Being an entrepreneur this reminds me of my college deams 🙂
    I am also on my way to complete them.

    Overfall the post was a delight ..
    Keep writing 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Dixita.. actually am looking for more story ideas .. can you share some? Would weave a story around them 🙂

  3. Brilliant Chandni! This gets better and better girl! I could visualize each and every word you’d written. Cheers to the Coffee Entrepreneur! Btw are you a coffee fan or a chai addict? Hehehe! Awaiting your D post eagerly 🙂
    @KalaRavi16 from

  4. I really loved the pace, imagery, and characters in this story. I did, however, stop when he read the invitation. I didn’t quite understand the “unravel,” reference. She’s getting ready to open her 100th story and is on Business Magazine Covers; yet, unravel indicates -failure, becoming undone, etc. That one line pulled me out of the story for a bit. I still thought it was a great story and could probably be the beginning of something bigger. @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

  5. Mind blowing!
    And I have an extra affinity towards the post as I am a coffee addict.
    I fell in love with P as he without knowing my love for coffee, always took me to CCD and Starbucks <3
    Cheers, Chandni!

    1. Really Reema ! that feels so nice to hear.. its my first attempt at fiction writing .. so happy to receive positive feedback

  6. She had the guts to follow her dreams and did a fantastic job at it. Sounds like a strong and level headed lady :D.

  7. Ok let me tell you first that I kept your stories to read over weekend so I can give more time to yourblog (Like always 😉 )

    And to tell you the truth, you are weaving excellent stories. I really cant imagine writing such beuatiful short stories in such a short span of time. If you ever publish a book dear, I need you to send me a personalised copy and not online shopping!

    1. haha .. I do plan to turn these into an ebook.. will take a print , bind them and sign them and write a thank you note and ship it to you if that’s what makes you keep coming back 🙂 anything for a special reader !!

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