First Time in Forever #MicroBlogMondays

First Times. Full of promise of the unexplored . Anxiety and nervous anticipation.

First Crush , First Job , First Car , First Home . Each milestone , so special , etched in our memory forever for all that it means to us. All that it stands for.

Am a mixed bag of teary eyed – happy within feelings ,  slightly overwhelmed as I find myself in the middle of yet another First TimeMy little one starts school today , definitely more poised and calm than me and I wonder , though not for the first time.

First Time.png

It doesn’t matter which kind of parent you are: hands on or disciplinarian , working or home maker , I don’t guarantee you an easy life . Far from it infact. But I do guarantee that it would be filled with first times .

Perhaps that’s why we become parents.  Because we get to see , feel , hear and experience something new every day. And I challenge you to tell me anything else in the world that can guarantee that.

Linking it up with #MicroBlogMondays.

Always found it very difficult to write about being a Mother & then one day as I sat in a class with tiny multi coloured chairs and felt like it was my first day at school , I wrote this post, the closest I would ever come to reveal how I feel about being a mother.This post has been written in association with Blogchatter and Chaipoint for their Mothers Day Special.

4 thoughts on “First Time in Forever #MicroBlogMondays

  1. Wow! It’s a very special day in your and your angels’ life 🙂
    Packed with many first and most certainly a roller-coaster ride with amazing highs and emotional lows.
    Sending loads of love and best wishes your way as you embark on this beautiful journey of becoming a mom to a school-goer <3

  2. I don’t remember my first day of school at all. Maybe that’s the reason why, once we become parents, we are gifted with the opportunity to witness our child’s first day at school? 🙂
    I’m hoping it was a very good first day, and wishing your little one all the best for the homework and school activities 😉

  3. Wow! Congrats. I hope your lil’ one did a great job! My mamma says that I was cool as a cucumber while my sister cried her heart out on our first days 🙂

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