Dreams #AtoZChallenge Day 4

One , two , three , four and turn.

The steps hurriedly tried to match up with the fast paced music. The panting and huffing was loud enough to be heard beyond the technocratic beats.

And jump.

The moves merged seamlessly into one another and if one wasn’t fighting to catch a breath one would actually enjoy this , she thought.4.png

Turn on your knees and glide across the floor. Yeah right!

What was the deal with this guy? She wondered about his story as she tried to keep up mentally with the so called steps that seemed more like marching orders from a tyrant leading an army to war and eternal glory.

She looked at the watch again. 4:35. Another 25 minutes. She tried to savour in.

Hey , you . Yes you in the third row. Very busy are we to pay attention?

She looked up abruptly , a little flustered. Heaving a sigh of relief to see the source of this unacceptable act in ‘Vickey Sir’s Class’.  The usual  “are you here to have fun or are you here to learn” lecture done with , the class resumed.

She tried to hide her smile at the irony of it all. Dance WAS supposed to be fun. But nope , this place wasn’t about fun. It was about rigorous training , like those saints in Himalayas spend years in worship with single minded dedication. That’s what she re-read on the “memo” framed on the wall in big bold letters , sitting tight amidst bright photographs of Vickey Sir with some of the most prominent movie stars of our times.

People paid through their nose to get through here but it was all worth it. Since after the marine – style- training came in the auditions of dance troupes for movies that went on to make big bucks at the box office. Vickey sir’s legacy spoke louder than his whistle that on top of the blaring boom box.

And its a wrap. Class dismissed . We meet tomorrow at 4PM sharp . And don’t forget we have summer workshop auditions coming up this weekend so guys buck up !

So the wait will soon be over. All those long hours and the money . Finally , this weekend her dreams will come true. The auditions would be a cakewalk and film offers would start pouring in and soon she’d be travelling to those exotic locations and hurriedly brushing past fans .

Her son would be the biggest dancing legend to ever hit the screen all at 5 !

She better start working on his acceptance speech now , she made a note as her little kid came running to her screaming with joy!

“Mumma , did you see how awesome I was , did you see , did you see ? Should we get an ice cream now?” He gushed excitedly.

“Yes baby , you were the best ! C’mon now let’s get you home. We’ll have your favourite 3-flavour Sundae and after that we have  to practice for the workshop this sunday na?”

Hand in hand they walked off with bright dreams in their eyes .

One of the Stardom and another of a Sundae.

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35 thoughts on “Dreams #AtoZChallenge Day 4

  1. The doting mom who takes her child to training everyday hoping to see her child rise and shine 😀
    Loved the beauty of the last line that showed how the dreams of the child and the mother differed. Another wonderful story CM.
    You’re rocking the challenge girl!

    My Era from @theerailivedin
    The Era I Lived In

  2. I’m not quite sure I’m with the mom on this one or even with Vicky Sir – dancing should be fun,right? But then I guess people can have different goals. I love how the two dreams were so different and I hope at some point they coincide. You did a great job here Chandani to think like that mom as well as the child.

    1. Yes Tulika.. this story was even though from the point of view of the mom.. but it was as much about the kid and am so thrilled to see that you noticed that.. feels so good when our writing communicates what we intend to glad indeed!

  3. Ohh, that came as a surprise! I thought she was the one taking the class! I feel sorry for many of the kids who come on thee dance shows or child artistes in movies. Do these kids really want to do these things or are they living out their parents’ dreams? Fantastic Chandni, you are too good girl!
    @KalaRavi16 from

    1. Thanks Dahlia . by the way that’s such a pretty name .. so far Ive not been naming my characters but I just might use your name in a story 🙂

    1. yup.. I feel the same way.. and now that I am a mom .. I just wanted this story to be from the parent’s perspective. But still a happy one for both.. am so happy you associated with it too

    1. Oh .. Hugs 🙂 and thanks so much the support Ms Minion. Can almost imagine you chomping on a banana while you wrote that 😉

  4. Wow! Just wow, this piece of flash fiction is just briiliant! <3
    I can't dance, even if someone paid me a million dollars to do so. I end up doing some weird leg-shake thing, that people always end up laughing at 😛
    I loved the last line the most. The son, unknowingly, was fulfilling his mom's dreams, and the mom, her son's. 🙂

    1. Thanks Reema! I do think the perspectives about happiness and dreams .. change as we become older.. glad you related to that aspect

    1. Yup.. that’s the idea.sometimes we get so driven with our objectives we make the most fun things banal for others.. has that ever happened to you?

  5. Beautifully narrated, CM. Even I thought that it was she who was dancing. And I agree with My Era, that last line was the best. It is just amazing how differently we think – the grown ups and the kids. The mom is thinking about the future whereas the kid is firmly planted in the simple pleasure of eating a sundae NOW!
    – Chicky @

    1. Yay! that’s the impression i was trying to create and i am so happy i could communicate exactly how i planned it in my head .. so happy to have you here chicky 🙂

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