She ordered for a Green Tea and settled down in her favorite lounge chair .

The steward dutifully asked if she needed anything else to go along with it to which she almost said  ‘yeah sure bring along a chocochip muffin with some chocolate sauce coz am feeling a little wild today’ .

Thank goodness the poor chap didn’t read minds or else he would have poured the Green Tea over her head . That would have been wild .

Once the guy turned to fetch her Green tea , she turned her attention back to the phone that was beeping like someone was in the middle of a medical emergency . Only she was no life saver. At least that’s what she’d not label herself as.

She put a meeting caller tune for the next one hour and tried to enjoy her much needed  break.

As a young corporate professional working in a strategic role , march was the toughest time of the year. Well , who was she kidding. It was crisis round the clock , all through the year but march was particularly ruthless. But she didn’t have a right to complain , isn’t this what she’d slogged to achieve right through her IITs and IIMs?

This was the dream and she was living it. She sipped her Green tea and flinched. Why did it seem like a night mare then?

She tried to reason with herself. This job was like Green tea . Tasteless but the right option to choose. But definitely not that healthy , she scratched the comparison in side her head.

6.15 PM.

She looked at her watch , leaving her half-finished cup aside. The office goers had started to move out , time for the second shift she thought.  Her 15 minutes of calm were over , a long night was ahead as the next year strategy presentation wasn’t even half way through.

She got up to leave and looked at the statue again.

Joie De Vivre.png

There was something about this piece of art , that she used to look at while having her evening tea at the ground floor tea – café.

She had always been curious to go and read the little story that was written besides it but she never ever had that kind of time.  On a whim she approached the gorgeous piece determined .

6:30 PM .

Okay , this will take only 5 mins , she coaxed her own self.

Joie de Vivre . She read the note near the statue again. Rolling the beautiful French words in her mouth , for a second transported into a quaint little French village.

The Joy of living . She knew what that phrase meant thanks to her tiny bit of knowledge gathered during an official trip to the land of love and longing ,  that ironically , she had largely spent stumbling in an & out of hotel rooms and office boardroom , last year.

The statue as per the note was a tribute to the little child inside us by an artist she had never heard of but suddenly in a courtyard full of people she felt herself wonder the meaning of the moment .

Like a message , the words dawned on her , jolting her not for the first time and questioning her life and the lack of joy in it.

She wanted to be a child again and experience the little pleasures of living. She wanted to take up that baking course and make cute cupcakes . She wanted to start her balcony – garden project she had been planning for years now . She wanted to throw a housewarming party for her new apartment , that now was 6 months old.

Her to do list was way too long.  It always had been , at work and beyond.

6:45 PM.

She looked at the watch , smiled and started to walk out of the exit of the building .

Her phone rang and the person at the other end heard the words he’d heard many a times but never really on phone.

I quit.

She would now get to experience her version of Joie De Vivre and that definitely didn’t involve making yet another 200 slide presentation.

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Joie De Vivre #AtoZChallenge Day 10
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9 thoughts on “Joie De Vivre #AtoZChallenge Day 10

  • April 13, 2016 at 2:43 am

    Wonderful! I’m glad she chose that for herself. There is no point living a life where you can’t be you. Very well written. I was completely in it from the very beginning till the end.

  • April 13, 2016 at 2:46 am

    Enjoyed reading .

    She quit was a hit 🙂

    And very different topic .loved it completely .

  • April 13, 2016 at 6:05 pm

    200 slide presentation! That would have made me quit, on the day I was assigned the task 😛
    Just kidding. I do have a flair with PPTs and Prezi is my favourite software to work with. But that’s not the point.
    The point is, that sometimes we all work incredibly hard for something, and then when it finally does fall into our lap, we realise that it wasn’t actually what we wanted. I’m glad that the character in your story took those 5 minutes to save the rest of her life from torture!

    Well written, Chandni, and certainly worth the wait! 🙂

  • April 13, 2016 at 11:10 pm

    This is so realistic and beautiful that I’m sure many people would relate to this.
    I love the fact that she dared to chose a second dream to follow in life after her first, to be a corporate woman didn’t gift her the joy of being.
    Beautifully narrated <3

  • April 13, 2016 at 11:29 pm

    Bang on. This is exactly what my Theme for A To Z Challenge is about when I say Living My Life.

    To say “I Quit” isn’t as easy but making the best out of it once you quit is important. What you do once u quit will decide if it was worthwhile..

    Nice story as ever Chandni

  • April 16, 2016 at 1:54 am

    Good for her, everybody should follow her example if unhappy at their job. We spend too much time at work not to enjoy it ☺

    Andrea from Music & Words blog
    Volunteer in Damyanti’s D Company #atozchallenge

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