The Roadtrip #AtoZChallenge Day 18

 She checked her name in the list again. Not Confirmed.

She contemplated to get on the train anyway but then what was the point. The nearest station near her destination was 110 odd kms away.

It did seem worthwhile to travel unreserved , something that she’d never done before and take some local transport to cover the last mile . again that’s going to be a first.

And then it struck her. If I have to do something for the first time, I guess , it should be driving down in my brand new car . It was her first car and he’d not even seen it so far.  Not even its picture. She knew that was the best idea she had in the longest time .

And that’s how her 711 Kms journey from Delhi began.


It’s not as if she was risk averse. Far from it. She was brought up to be an extremely independent & disciplined and that’s why just after she completed her schooling , she opted to go for a course that took her away from home.

That was 8 years back. She completed her 4 year degree and her masters and stayed in hostels through out. She wanted to live an independent life but she had no idea how far that would take her away from home.

She had just completed 2 years at her first job. With her student loan done with she had bought her first car and she was now doing reasonably well for herself.

Sadly , as someone who had celebrated every moment of joy big or small amidst her parents – being an only child , for the last almost 8 years , there was not even a single snap of them together celebrating something significant .

She realized this when she turned 25. A milestone she had always imagined to be life the turning point in one’s life. Just after she stepped back in her home , alone , after a party with friends she purely connected at a ‘fun level’ , she realized what was missing in her life.

That’s when she packed a week’s clothes, stocked up some cash and took her first road trip ever. Some stories need equally compelling back story and if anything this was one.

Her favourite playlist , some amazing dhaba food through the way and stays at B&Bs to keep a check on her budget kept her going . And then the moment arrived.

She crossed , ‘Welcome to Patnitop Cantt’ board and headed directly to the training grounds.

There he was , sweat glittering on his brows , the sun tanning his already dark skin making it even classier if that was possible . His fatigues , fitting him as perfectly as perhaps they did almost 25 years back when he would be as young as her.

She waived enthusiastically and saw a mirage of emotions pass through his steel face that seldom let an emotion get away.

“Happy Birthday Papa, You want to go get an ice cream just like old times? We can take my car for a spin this time around. “

One Moment , Two people .

Incredibly proud of a mid-sized red colour city car that had travelled for more than 700 kms to create a special memory . Realized how 25 indeed was a huge milestone.

One road trip became the journey of a life time.


Everyday Women

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6 thoughts on “The Roadtrip #AtoZChallenge Day 18

  1. This is beautiful story .
    Can feel the pain of separation being a hostel kid.

    And totally aware about how lonely parents become then.
    Thank you for this 🙂
    Its a reminder to me as well to take a time for parents .

    1. Oh you are a hostel kid too? I borrowed heavily from my experiences .. glad to see you could connect .. I know you have a special bond with your dad .. am sure you could visualize yourself in the girl’s place ..

  2. This is such a beautiful and heartwarming story!
    I have always dreamt of going on road trips, because it’s so amazing to eat what you want, sleep whenever you want, and sing out loud with the music blaring! But it isn’t all that fun now, is it?

    “25 indeed is a milestone” 🙂

    1. perhaps you may want to drive down to delhi on your 25th birthday .. with patakha guddi playing loud on your stereos .. you know where to head to once you step in this city right?

  3. This is really touching. We are away from our parents that we forget sometimes to give them that moment of joy which they always gave us and never fail in that. Thanks for writing this here. Keep writing!! 🙂

    @bloggerabhi1 from

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