Unbreakable #AtoZChallenge Day 21

She looked at the brand new benarasi silk saree hanging in the quiet corner of her wardrobe.

As she traced the intricate gold flowers on its rich creamy fabric she finally spared a gleeful thought to what he’d get for her this time. He always made it a point to get her a present , no matter how much she insisted that she didn’t need any more clothes or jewelry or recipe books.

He always used to tell her , how special women should be pampered . He was such a gentleman.The Sari  was her birthday present from him from last year that she had been saving for a special day . Today was as special as it can get . She unwrapped it carefully & set it on the bed.

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The trail of cardamom and saffron aroma whiffed from the kitchen invitingly and she checked if the mutton biryani was done. As the fusion of flavours danced on her tongue she felt a sense of pride. Her special recipe , his favorite , never let her down. The 3 course lunch was ready . She had to just set the table & in an hour’s time he would arrive after a good 6 months.

Just as she was giving herself a cursory look in the mirror, gleaming with happiness , the phone rang.

As she sat motionless after the call for hours in the quiet house , her 3 course lunch went cold , just like her heart.  It was the ever familiar news , but she never imagined it would get delivered like this , again.

The senior official at the other end was curt and purposeful , like the doctor who delivers news of patients who’ve passed away on operating table . Like a swift blow , avoiding a lingering pain.

Her son , just like his father chose the path of eternal glory. Swept away in an avalanche while protecting the peaks of lands unknown while the world slept in their warm blankets last night.

After the last rites would be over , no one would remember him & he’ll be another statistic to them . Just like his father.

She always wondered , how they said the brave hearts protecting the borders were unbreakable , unwavering , unshakeable even in the face of death. She spoke from experience when she thought it’s their families who fight the lonely battle with life when they were gone .

Death didn’t break her – not once , not twice .She was the one who was unbreakable. 

Everyday Women

Join me on my journey of #EveryDayWomen tales, in this 26 part short story series all through April. To read the other stories you can visit me at the AtoZChallenge page here . To know more about AtoZChallenge , you may want to read my very first post here and my Theme reveal post here. If you liked what I wrote or didn’t , do leave me a note , a remark , a critique or even an idea for my next story ! Hope to see you again tomorrow



5 thoughts on “Unbreakable #AtoZChallenge Day 21

  1. Salutes to those all those who sacrifice life for us.

    Now to the post.

    Written with a strong connection to dirmvwrt the minds.

    The way you explained the silk saree, and the chicken tatsr dancing described the routines of daily women related work .

    The twist was phone call
    And more on that the person for whom she was waiting was her ‘son’
    Clarifying his father already left the nation with a pride.

    Unbreakable !

    Loved it .
    Keep writing !

  2. You know, reading these flash fiction posts makes me wonder how our mind just jumps to assumes things.

    It’s really heartbreaking that the lady had to bear such news on the day her son was about to arrive. And this situation is not merely a product of imagination, it does happen to so many families!
    Loved the analogy of the food going cold. 🙂
    Waiting for the next post! ?

  3. The lonely battles that the family left behind handles with life on a daily basis… sad and so true. Salute the brave families of the valiant armed forces. A beautiful ode remembering these unsung heroes Chandni.
    @KalaRavi16 from

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