Vendetta #AtoZChallenge Day 22

People were clamoring the notice board like a herd of honey bees.

There was nothing extra ordinary about the sight . The college corridors apart from the canteen of course were always buzzing with activity , while the class rooms wore a gloomy look.

But today wasnt an ordinary day. She got up with that feeling and then it just kept building up till she stepped out of the cab that was still waiting outside for her.

It was supposed to take 15 minutes. It should take 15 minutes. Step in , check , step out.

But somehow she didn’t take into account the 10 odd extra minutes of restless anticipation , the palpitation , the close to cardiac rest like anxiety that she felt as she stood there motionless in front of the notice board.


The notice board with a list of some 500 names , spread across some 10 streams that the college offered in medical studies. Her heart jumping up and down in her throat , she read the alphabetically curated list of names stopping finally at the only name at the end of the list that started with V.

Her name. It was there. She looked at it incredulously. For a second , as shocked at the occurrence as perhaps if it had not been there.  She had actually imagined the other scenario so many times that the worst not happening seemed too unfamiliar to her.

She looked at the other faces as ignorant to her small happiness as they had been of her existence for the past years as their classmate. They were flying on their high horse far above the level of the cab-girl .

Cab! She had almost forgotten.It was still waiting outside.

She rushed through the corridor . Half jumping , half walking , half flying across the plush greens , out in the parking lot filled with sedans and what-nots to the only conspicuous looking cab with a cab driver mirroring perhaps the expressions she had around 15 minutes back and the whole of last week.

Baba, I got the scholarship! Your daughter will now study in the world’s best medical college . My course starts in 2 weeks . Will you drop me to the airport in our cab?”

Her father had taught her , Nothing succeeds like success. Victorious , as the cab-girl and her proud father danced with joy in the quiet parking lot she realized Vendetta tasted as sweet too.

Everyday Women

Join me on my journey of #EveryDayWomen tales, in this 26 part short story series all through April. To read the other stories you can visit me at the AtoZChallenge page here . To know more about AtoZChallenge , you may want to read my very first post here and my Theme reveal post here. If you liked what I wrote or didn’t , do leave me a note , a remark , a critique or even an idea for my next story ! Hope to see you again tomorrow



4 thoughts on “Vendetta #AtoZChallenge Day 22

  1. Such a beautiful story!
    I’ve read that a rickshawwala’s daughter had topped the IAS exam (or was it the CA one?)
    Either ways, these students are the ones with much more determination and grit than us, who have everything at our beck and call! 🙂

    1. I know these stories are so heart warming.. I was out of ideas and I wrote this one largely borrowing from real life on my way to work today
      so glad you found it worth your time..

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