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What Women Want #AtoZChallenge Day 23

If they’d be in The Truman show right now, this is where someone would raise an alarm  in the production room saying ‘where’s the drama, guys , the ratings will take a plunge ” 

She tried to get some conversation going, again.

“So how was your day? “ She passed on the salad.

“Umm okay.” He poured some water in the glass and rechecked his phone.

“Anything new happened?” she coaxed.

“Nope same old.” He didn’t budge.

His screen was as dull and bleak as his mood , she mused.

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Hmm, let me get you some more curry ” She went inside to fetch a bowl only to return to see him smiling looking at his phone screen.

“What happened?” She was understandably curious.

Nothing why?” He shrugged , playing with his food like a toddler being fed boiled veggies , with the one hand that was seemingly at his disposable. The other was permanently connected to his phone now.

Well you seem pleased so I asked.” She kept nudging.

Oh , nothing , something funny from work.” curt was an understatement.

What , tell me . I could use a joke right now” she was happy that they were talking!

Um. it’s office stuff , you wont understand.” he dismissed.

Try me. I go to office too , remember ? I can try to get some office stuff. It’s a joke not rocket science“.

Pass me some rice please “, he tried to change the topic  and started to fidget with the phone again. Almost on an impulse she picked up her phone too and technology eventually took over the dying dinner table conversation.

Darling , it’s too early to meet .. let’s enjoy getting to know each other” The messenger chat window screen on his phone had his precious attention.

He was oblivious to the woman across the table , typing away on her phone sweet nothings to the stranger she lived with under the same roof.

She wanted his attention and she had it now. After all , isn’t that what women want?

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