Make Posts , Not War #MicroBlogMondays

Yesterday , I found myself in a situation that has started to define my life.I was unable to come on the same page with a person . But my reaction was far more composed than both of us expected.

I’ve come to a conclusion about people. They choose to listen what they wish to & say what they want to and sometimes  even expressing your point of view is taken against you. 

In such cases , I don’t wish to choose the battle if the battle doesn’t wish to choose me. Instead I choose to Blog & get it off my mind. Coz making posts is so much better than making war. Right?


Linking it up with #MicroBlogMondays .

Read more about this amazing idea ‘writing at your home’ here.


13 thoughts on “Make Posts , Not War #MicroBlogMondays

  1. Totally! I get your point but over time, I have also found myself being comfortable with the idea of agreeing to disagree then and there when such a thing happens.. 🙂

    1. Used to be like that .. but realized that doesn’t work with people who focus on the disagree aspect a bit too much
      anyway .. microblog Mondays is so liberating right?

  2. Absolutely right, better to write it off than to be in endless war which create hatred and all such negative emotions that even drown us with it’s force. Very nice 🙂

  3. I find that writing about such incidents may be good only in the short run. You may later regret posting about it.
    But I guess the upside of doing this is that more and more people are aware that maybe they too are not alone in facing a certain problem? ?

    1. You are too wise and too smart for a teenager !! I know what you mean and I don’t write posts like these often , nor do I plan to..
      I just realized for the first time yesterday in the middle of a tough situation I was composing a draft post inside my head.. had to write about that .. though .. agreed ..not a sustainable option 🙂

      Again the smartest comment.. goodness ,you are good!!

    1. happens way too often with me.. now finally have to terms with it ! thanks for dropping by , looks like the exams are done with? 🙂

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